>> Saturday, April 27, 2013

I've been outside on my bike 3 times so far this year: 2 times about 3 weeks ago where I got covered in snow, and once about 10 days ago. (Oh, and I guess I was technically outside when I did the bike, run, bike, run, bike, run, bike, run "duathlon workout" last weekend, but my bike was on a trainer.)

On Thursday morning, I tweeted this:

On Tuesday morning, I Instagrammed these 2 photos:

With the caption: "Dear April: F*CK YOU."

At least Henry likes the snow...

YESTERDAY we hit 60 degrees for the first time this year. (And we blew right through the 60s and topped out at 72!) That's a month behind schedule, and 6 weeks behind last year. This winter has just dragged it's ass through Minnesota.

I have this post set to publish while I'm at the Falls Duathlon today. Here are my thoughts on the race:

I'm not expecting a fast bike split. I didn't spend much time on the trainer this winter. I COULD have, but I hate it, so I didn't. No excuses. I just didn't do it.

I hope my runs will be decent. I've been seeing nice progress since starting more regular speed work 3 months ago (after not doing much speed work last year and just focusing on going farther). I hope to be in the top 10 coming into the first transition, and I hope to be able to keep count of the bikers passing me. Then on the final run, I'll see how many I can catch. The end of the bike and the final run could get ugly because of my lack of time spent on my bike this winter / spring.

Oh, and my nemesis DEVON PALMER will be racing there today! He'll beat me by miles, but it will be good motivation to keep training hard for the relay showdown at the Gear West Duathlon in about a month. (And I'm really doing this race to help prepare for the "Cinco DU Mayo" Duathlon next weekend.)

Keep an eye on my twitter and / or my instagram for updates and photos from the race! Back with a race report Monday, and maybe another GIVEAWAY mid-week!


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