Friday Funny 509: Three Weeks of Funnies!

>> Friday, April 19, 2013

Here are some of the best of the last 3 weeks from my tumblr page:

Non-athletic funny things:

Spring in the Midwest.

My wife does this.

Good friends vs. best friends. It's true.

Very appropriate Tiger Woods headline.v

Old Nintendo ad with lots of mistakes.

A new "trend" called Taco Bell porn. I hope this catches on.

How I like my ladies.

Friday: time to drink.

[GIF] Why does this always happen?

How much does grandma weigh?

[GIF] Sharks suck.

"Free Hugs."

"Finding Nemo" will never be the same.

Mitch Hedberg on photos.

Beer: someone FINALLY said what we're all thinking.

If you like Spongebob, check out all of these.

Maybe the worst / best typo ever.

Kanye, that's enough.

[GIF] This is freaking me out a little. I've watched it too many times.


Athletic-related funny things:

A political cartoonist's take on the Boston Marathon bombings.

A "bike oops."

How to train.


I've never taken a Zumba class, but this would be me if I did. Related to that: this.

Joggers vs. Runners.

I secretly love this.

Why I exercise.

Awesome weight lifting socks.


A great way to set your alarm for a run.

Marathon training nutrition facts.

Riding a bike.

Me during an open-water swim.

[GIF] Yoga kitty.

Drinking and working out.

Why triathletes are dumb.

[GIF] The COOLEST way to steal a bike.

This might be my post popular tumblr image: it's about squatting and has 4000 notes.

And finally, some impressive "hard bodies of the day:" Some crossfit ladies on the rings, women doing pull-ups, Arnold back in the day, women with weights, and crossfit guys.

Remember, check out often for funny stuff. Happy weekend!!



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