Quarterly Report: the First 3 Months of 2013

>> Saturday, April 06, 2013

I posted about the first 3 months last year, and these were my totals back then:

Jan-March 2012:

SWIM: 3,900 yards
BIKE: 102.26 miles
RUN: 255.81 miles

Average weight: 155.7

RUN WITH HENRY: 101.43 miles!!
(22.72 miles in Jan, 25.2 miles in Feb, and 53.51 miles in March.)

So to review, at this time last year, my swimming was horrible, my biking was pretty good for me (over 100 miles outdoors in March, but really no time on the trainer at all), and my running was GREAT.

Here's where I'm at through the same stretch this year:

Jan-March 2013:

SWIM: 24,675 yards
BIKE: 0 miles
TRAINER: 1 hr, 51 mins
SPINNING BIKE: 1 hr, 27 mins
RUN: 198.93 miles

Average weight: 158.08

RUN WITH HENRY: 27.11 miles
(23.01 miles in Jan, 0 miles in Feb, and 4.1 miles in March.)

I didn't hit 24,675 yds of swimming last year until September 25th!! I sucked at swimming last year. This year, I've been able to get in some OK workouts in the pool (so far).

Between this year and last year, you can see the weather having a lot of impact on my biking and running with Henry. Last year, I was outside on my bike for over 100 miles in March. This year, nothing. (I actually went for my first ride of the year last night.) But this year within the last few weeks, I've been on a spin bike twice and hit the trainer for some Spinnerval workouts a few times... it hasn't been much, but at least it's been something. I need to get outdoors a LOT more on my bike!

And with regards to running, I haven't been doing the longer runs with Henry like I was doing last year - I've been doing shorter, harder workouts. In March of last year, I ran 83 miles, and 53 of those miles were with Henry. This March, I only ran 68 miles total, and only 4 miles were with Henry. It was a cold and snowy March. It's FINALLY starting to warm up a bit.

I'm happy to be running shorter. I'm working on my speed, and letting some of my longer endurance go. If I'm hoping to focus on duathlons and sprint triathlons this summer, there's no need to be doing 11-13 mile runs every week. And as I noted in Thursday intervals post, some speed is coming back!

Speaking of speed, I want to share part of a note I got from the owner of "Gear West Bike and Triathlon," a speedy speedy man, and a more experienced Dad. Kevin O'Connor and I e-mailed each other shortly after the Meet of the Miles track meet 3 months ago. He congratulated me on my times, and I said this:

And my shorter distance speed is starting to disappear, but thanks! That was my 2nd slowest mile ever. I tell ya... once you hit 30.....

Kevin wrote back, and it's something that many of us need to be reminded of:

Did you see Lance Elliot's time? He is 42, like me. We met in the first class as Freshman at Iowa State. We had Chemistry lab together. He ran a 4:04 mile in college and then took 15+ yrs off. He has been running for 2 yrs now and is getting in shape. A 4:33 may be slow for him but still isn't too bad for a 40 yr old.

Don't complain about 30. It is the two year old, not your age that is slowing you down. Just give it another few years of parenthood and you will have plenty of time to get back into shape and set a PR in that mile. You will look back at this yrs time and laugh. And if that doesn't work, just remember that it is January.

Keep running hard,

Kevin O'Connor
Gear West Bike & Triathlon

That's important for a lot of us to hear. But... it's no longer January. Time to kick this training up a notch!

Back with some solid training numbers (for me) next week. Happy weekend!


Sarah 6:09 PM, April 06, 2013  

I love that you mention you're OKAY with shortening your distances. For a lot of us just getting into running, we hear people wanting to go farther and farther FASTER, which can be rather intimidating when you're still working hard to perfect your own solid three mile runs. It's just nice to hear that there are people okay with running shorter, faster- who ARE serious athletes. (Yes, that's a nod to your awesome speed & ability!)

Running is a reward in itself, regardless of miles, and it's nice to be reminded of that!


Steve Stenzel 7:55 PM, April 06, 2013  

Thanks Sarah! It's all about balance, and right now I need to lay off the miles and work on the speed.

That's what I love about racing: everyone has such different goals. A GREAT race for me is a HORRIBLE race for many of my speedy friends. A HORRIBLE race for me might be a GREAT race for someone else.

Happy training!

Cinthia 5:01 AM, April 07, 2013  

Ha, ha, 30 is old and slowing down? If that's so, I must be dead. Happy running and good luck on your speed. Enjoy your time with Henry (mine graduates college next month--how did that happen?).
Cheers and if it makes you feel better about your crappy March weather, we just got dumped with 8 inches of wet, heavy, disgusting snow.

SteveQ 12:13 PM, April 07, 2013  

600 running miles in the bank for me already this year (I've got three friends who average over 150 per week!)

Most runners who do well in middle-age are like Elliot; fresh legs from not doing much mileage for decades. I'm stuck comparing myself to others with 85000 miles lifetime - they're mostly 20 years older than me.

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