Friday Funny 268: This Is Why I'm Broke

>> Friday, January 13, 2012

One of my former students turned me on to ThisIsWhyI' They don't sell anything... they just point you toward some of the best stuff on the internet.

Here are 5 FUNNY items from their site:

My Dad would like this!

Yes please.

Reason #16 I wish I was a woman: lack of back hair.
(I could actually use this.)

Reason #17: I'd wear this.

Here are 5 AWESOME items from their site:

Yeah, that looks practical.

Honey, if you're reading this, I've already bought this for Henry's room.

2012: the year I get FAT because of this.

Finally, here are 5 NERDY items from their site:

I could play Madden 94 on the go! (Really, I'm QUITE excited about this!)

Oh. God. Yes.

So check out ThisIsWhyI' for awesome / funny / nerdy gifts.

And scroll down to yesterday's post to help me come up with a final goal for 2012! Thanks everyone!


Christi 7:43 AM, January 13, 2012  

I love the OCD cutting board an the Tauntaun sleeping bag!

Carolina John 7:48 AM, January 13, 2012  

Those are fantastic! I want the sleeping bag and the vw bus bed.

Suzy 12:46 PM, January 15, 2012  

I sent the link to the OCD board to family before Christmas. It wasn't under the tree. :(

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