Don't Be That Awkward Runner

>> Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OK, OK, OK.... I've been saying there will be a giveaway this week for about a week now. I'm being held up on the other end. Sorry for the delay. I'm going to stop saying "there's a giveaway coming SOON" and just wait until I can say "there's a giveaway NOW!" But there isn't a giveaway right now, so I can't say that just yet. Sorry for being a douche.

To apologize, here's a video of awkward running strides. Don't be one of these guys:

Direct link:, sent to me by Kelly Z.

I think I can be a little "dandy" at times, and at the end of a longer race, I think I've moved a little like "stiffy" before. Hey, it happens.

Back soon with some goals for this weekend's HALF MARATHON!


Coy Martinez 9:28 AM, January 24, 2012  

My favorite is the guys with arms a bird :) Wish I had a nickle for each time I saw that in a race. HAHAHA! Usually the person just has one going and not both.

Maggs 1:58 PM, January 24, 2012  

I see these guys all the time. But you're missing a few-
1) Backwards runner
2) Runner that does arm calisthenics while runner
3) Guy that carries a cinder block on his shoulder

I'll see if I can get video of them this week.

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