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>> Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Close, but not quite.

In my last post, I noted that Matt, Henry, and I made a quick run out to Gear West Bike and Tri on Saturday. While we were there, we picked up the new "Gear West Midwest Multisport Calendar" with Dan Hedgecock all over the cover:

You may recognize Dan from my "Kitten Mile" a few months ago:

Wow. That photo. Too many stories.


As Matt, Henry, and I were heading home, Matt was flipping through the calendar. "Ha! You're in here!..." Matt said. Just inside, there was a list of Multisport Resources, and I was the 4th from the top!!

It says:

Steve in a Speedo -
Steve Stenzel's blog gives a unique take on racing and training. He has a huge following because of the way he makes us all relate to his perspective on what we all do as endurance athletes. Perfect for when you want to look at the lighter side of racing.

I had no idea they were putting that in there! Thanks for the kind words, Gear West B&T!! And I find it really funny / odd that I'm 4th from the top - ahead of DKT (their great in-house pro-triathlete), Slow Twitch, USA Triathlon, and! Ha!

Further inside the calendar are photos of lots of people I know. There are 4 I want to show. First, here's Claire Bootsma:

She can be seen in that "kitten mile" photo above, and she also whipped my butt at the Waseca Sprint Triathlon this past year:

Kortney Haag has a great spread in the calendar:

You might remember Kortney from my Gear West Duathlon Race Report, or from my post of some of the super muddy photos that showed up after the muddy race. Kortney lost her shoe during that race:

(Oh, and we still have an empty container that Kortney brought over [along with her boys] for Pharmie and I just after Henry was born - it was filled with a delicious quinoa and chicken dish! We'll get back that to you sometime, Kortney...)

I didn't see Tracie Kent much this past year, but she's in the calendar:

Here she is about to take 3rd in the Chisago Lakes Triathlon in 2010 (where we were cheering on Matt at his first tri):

Finally, speedy Chad Millner was also featured in the calendar:

Here we are in an awkward awesome photo from "MN Tri Night" about a year ago:

Is it awkward that his wife took this photo? Maybe...

IDEA FOR 2013: Maybe I should put together a calendar of awkward photos of all of my speedy acquaintances. Sort of an "uncool" version of Gear West's calendar. Or... if I still want my "racing buddies" to talk to me... maybe I shouldn't...

Oh, and there's a GIVEAWAY coming next week! Check back for that!


Jamie 9:20 PM, January 17, 2012  

Awesome awkward photos! Maybe you could make a kitten mile calendar? Congrats on being a named source of tri-info too (officially even!). Isn't it funny when you find yourself in print or the internet? Lifetime Tri used my finisher pic (carrying my son and running with my daughter) from the 2011 Mpls Tri for their new 2012 website. Great way to remember my first Tri!

kT 4:24 AM, January 18, 2012  

Claire has a total Annette Benning thing going on. If Annette were fast.

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