Intervals at the Metrodome (with Henry!)

>> Saturday, January 07, 2012

Tuesday night, Pharmie and I hit the Dome for the first time since last winter. We've had such a nice winter so far, that we've been able to run fast and hard outside without the risk of slipping! (Note my intervals post from last week.)

This winter, intervals at the Dome were going to be different. We had little Hanky-Poo to contend with. Luckily, we set him up in a "nook" around the concourse at the Dome, and he LOVED watching the runners go by:

We also brought every toy in our house (apparently). Sheesh.

Pharmie and I were going to take turns running intervals and watching Henry. So Pharmie's recovery time would be spent hanging out with Henry for as long as it took me to run my interval, and vise-versa.

Pharmie wanted to do fast 1-lap intervals (just over 600 meters running on the "outside lane"), and I was going to do 3-lap intervals (around 1800 meters running on the inside lane). We each warmed-up for a few laps as the other watched Henry.

Hangin' with Henry during Momma's warm-up

Then I took off. Here's what I ran:

[lap + lap + lap = 1800 total time]

2:14, 2:03, 2:07 = 6:24

3:06 rest

2:06, 2:08, 2:06 = 6:20

3:30 rest

2:11, 2:08, 2:03 = 6:22

4:28 rest

My right foot was just a LITTLE sore, so I thought I'd just try to do 2 "faster" laps for my final interval.

2:10, 1:58 = 4:08 (for 1200)

That ended up being much longer rest than I usually give myself, but they were longer intervals than I usually run as well. I averaged 6:22 for the 3 1800s, and that is 5:41 / mile pace. That's not bad for this time of year.

Zoning out watching other runners

With a red-faced, sweaty Dad after my last interval.
Ooh, look! The "vein of approval" is out! :)

The 3 of us after Momma's warm-down.
(It looks dead behind us because it was nearly the end of "Dome Running.")

So yes, plenty of things have changed since last year:

1. I can't start at my normal LINE between sections 210 and 211:

2. My rest between intervals is going to be less controlled.
3. My rest is going to be spent entertaining a child and not stretching / walking / drinking.

BUT, this important point has NOT changed:

1. I can still go do intervals at the Dome. That's awesome.

The first MDRA Grand Prix race is Monday night! It's the "Meet of the Miles" indoor track meet. I'll be running! I will NOT PR in the mile, but I hope to go sub-5. But who knows. Back with a race report hopefully sometime on Tuesday!


Lisa S 2:50 PM, January 07, 2012  

We're you really running bareback!?!?!

Erin 5:27 PM, January 07, 2012  

Love Henry's hat! With that hat, he's all ready to join the farm animal crew at next year's TC Marathon!

Steve Stenzel 10:10 PM, January 07, 2012  

Ha! Thanks Erin!

And yes, Lisa, I WAS running bareback! It's like 70 degrees at the dome, and that's WAY too warm for me! :)

Lisa S 5:30 AM, January 09, 2012  

:) had to ask! And give you a hard time. Hanks layered look was just a bit adorable!

ANNA 8:56 AM, January 09, 2012  

I'm totally going to bring our little guy and do this too! Great idea!

Anonymous,  10:56 AM, January 09, 2012  

I don't have a clue how Henry is getting his nutrition but I think in the one picture he is trying to get to your nipple.

Anonymous,  10:57 AM, January 09, 2012  

Sorry, I meant the nipple attack comment for the previous post!!

Erick 1:01 PM, January 09, 2012  

Do they let you run stairs? Or just the concourse?

Steve Stenzel 1:33 PM, January 09, 2012  

Anna: strollers aren't allowed - just thought I'd warn you.

Anon: Ha! This photo?

And Erick: no, you can't run stairs. The Dome is locked up. You CAN run stairs at the Coliseum at the State Fair Grounds. Check that out!

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