Friday Funny 242: This WASN'T Henry's First Time Here...

>> Friday, November 11, 2011

Hey kid... get your hand off Daddy's booze.

Yep. This is Henry and I at "Marshall Liquors" - our local stop for hooch. Pharmie, Henry, and I walked there last weekend. It was a chiller evening, so I just threw on the Baby Bjorn and tucked Henry right in. He loved the walk. (He usually does.)

You could say this IS related to my last post about the "KITTEN mile." ;)

And in other "Henry news," he was spotted eyeing the leftover Halloween candy at daycare this past week:

He's his Momma's son.


Carolina John 10:04 AM, November 11, 2011  

That's good, teach them the value of quality early on in life. Don't go for the cheap stuff. I like it. My kids could identify domestic brands before they could read.

SteveQ 10:19 AM, November 12, 2011  

@Carolina John. "Good stuff?" Woodchuck is the Pabst Blue Ribbon of cider.

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