Coolest. Fundraiser. Ever.

>> Saturday, November 05, 2011

Yes, I'm getting ready to ask you to donate some money to my alma mater (and the college where I currently teach).

But don't go anywhere yet - hear me out! This is pretty cool!

The College of Visual Arts in St. Paul just launched a fundraising campaign called "FACE FROM SPACE." And this is why this is so cool: The 2 people who raise the most money for the college will have their faces printed on vinyl banners, and the banners will be put on top of one of the college's buildings until they're picked up by Google Earth! IT'S LITERALLY YOUR FACE FROM SPACE! Here's a mock-up of what it might look like on top of our Western Building (at the corner of Western and Selby in St. Paul):

This just launched on Wednesday, and currently I'm in second place. Oh yeah, I'm using a photo of Henry:

See the creepy-looking guy in first place right now? That's one of my good buddies:

He's using a photo of himself dressed up as Bryan Cranston from "Breaking Bad:"

Well played, Jamey. Well played.

Jamey REALLY is a good friend. Here he is next to me on my wedding day over 8 years ago:

Pharmie's brothers, me, Jamey, and Brian


How cool would it be if Jamey's super creepy photo and Henry super cute photo were side-by-side on top of the Western Building and viewable for everyone from Google Earth? It'd be AWESOME!!!

Here's the "Face From Space" main page, and HERE'S THE LINK TO DONATE TO MY "FACE!" (Well, technically it's Henry's face.) Please donate a few dollars if you can. It's easy to do with a credit card, and it's a CINCH with PayPal. And make sure to print your receipt because it's a non-profit tax write-off. Thanks everyone!

Oh, and PLEASE share this link with anyone who you think would get a kick out of this idea! (And tell them to donate to me!)

Happy weekend!


Sara 12:57 PM, November 05, 2011  

I won't deny that the Henry photo is adorable but I think the frozen face photo of you from the winter 10K would have been KILLER from space as well!

What a creative and super fun fundraiser!

Steve Stenzel 7:09 AM, November 07, 2011  

Ha! That would be a funny photo to use Sara!

Steve Stenzel 8:14 AM, November 07, 2011  

Someone just donated $100! THANKS!!!

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