Sept 2011 Triathlete Mag: I'M INSIDE!

>> Saturday, August 06, 2011

Have you gotten the new Triathlete Magazine yet?

Well, it came in the mail at Dr. Folske's office (my ART Doc) earlier this week, and I had this back-and-forth with Michelle who works for Dr. Folske:

She's teasing about needing my autograph because I had asked her for her autograph a few years ago:

Anyway, just after Michelle Facebooked me, our new Triathlete Magazine came in the mail. I found this on page 38:

Yep. That's me at the top!! Here's a clearer version of that photo:

Awesome! Thanks for using my photo, Triathlete Magazine! Next time I'm in your magazine, can it be in a photo-spread with Chrissie, Rinny, Linsey Corbin, Sarah Haskins, Jenny Fletcher, Hillary Biscay, Amanda Lovato, and the Wassner twins? Please?!? Wait... what?... most of them are married? Wait... what?... I'm married? Oh, nevermind. ;)

Oh, and if you're newer to my blog (or you just need to re-live an epic race report), click here to see lots of photos of me and my friends racing that FREEZING race in January of 2009. Quite a race!

p.s. This makes it 2 months in a row that I got some publicity through Triathlete Magazine. Last month, you could see my fingers on their website! I'm moving up in the world! Ha!


Unknown 2:51 PM, August 06, 2011  

What part of you haven't you frozen?

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman 3:50 PM, August 06, 2011  

That's awesome!!

Fingers to a face. Next you might get your chest or an arm or two in there.

Kaari 4:50 PM, August 06, 2011  

Nice pic!

Steve, we haven't met, but you seem to have invaded my thought processes nevertheless. I'm a fellow MN athlete (speedskater), and today after an inline race I found myself lamenting my lack of acamera to document my blistered foot and my "swass" print on the concrete step.

Carry on with the good work!

Anonymous,  7:09 AM, August 08, 2011  

I did see that photo!! Can I have your autograph?? :)

Stef0115 9:14 AM, August 08, 2011  

Huge CONGRATS Steve! I remember when you first posted about that race here on your blog.

The autograph hounds are sure to beat down your door now.


Katie 9:14 AM, August 08, 2011  

Congrats! That's awesome!

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