I USE THIS 05: Pearl Izumi Running Top and Shorts (and Cotton Tops)

>> Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Before I talk about cotton (that dreaded fabric), I'd like to mention 2 Pearl Izumi articles of clothing (running shorts and a top) that I was sent this past winter to try out.

Nevermind the cat in the background....

.... see, she's leaving.

Those are the Pearl Izumi Elite Infinity In-R-Cool Short Sleeve Running Shirt and the Pearl Izumi Infinity Running Short. Here's a link for the top, and here's a link for the shorts.

THE TOP: I've worn this over the winter for a few treadmill runs. I've DRENCHED it with sweat at the Y. It's a great, "lightweight" top. Even when it was "heavy" with sweat, it was lighter than your "normal" technical shirts. It'd be great in spinning classes too. The sleeves are open, and the body fits snug - it fits well and feels comfortable on. Plus, the back makes you look a little like Spiderman:

THE SHORTS: These are one of my favorite running shorts. (My absolute favorite pair is an old pair of Nikes that I got at an outlet shop years ago, and these are my second favorite.) They fit well and they don't act "weird" once they get weighed down with sweat (AKA "swass"). There's a zipper pocket over the tailbone that does NOT rub or chafe (I wore these on my hot 8 mile tempo run 2 days ago, and there's no rubbage). The pocket is good for gels, IDs, and CCs. There's a little slit in the side for "ease of motion," but it's not too high:

BOTTOM LINE: THE TOP handles LOTS of sweat really well, does not rub, and is good for distance. I would totally wear this for a road race or a du. (But it's obviously too loose to wear in the swim as a tri-top.) THE SHORTS fit like GOOD running shorts, but they have a modest length so you're not showing too much leg. The pocket in the back is great without causing any issues.

Oh, and I HAVE to mention this. I have not worn this top all summer. This is a little piece of advice: I do NOT wear technical shirts out on hot summer runs. (Well, not often at least.) I like to start off with a COTTON shirt, and then I take it off right away. I've learned to make sure I always have a shirt on a run for 2 reasons: First, if I need to hop into a local business to use their crapper, I can put on a shirt (even if it IS all sweaty) so I'm not kicked out. Second, I use the shirt to wipe the sweat off my face and to keep the sweat out of my eyes. Cotton does a good job of absorbing sweat when I use it as a towel during a hot run.

Here's a photo of a cotton shirt completely soaked after a hard, sweaty track / trainer workout last summer:

And here's a photo from almost exactly a year ago - it's when I was working with Coach Jen and she had me do a long, hard run followed by some time on the trainer:

Left: shirt used to wipe my face during the run.
Right: shirt used to wipe my face during the trainer ride.

So check out the Pearl Izumi top and shorts if you're interested. They've worked well for me. But remember: use cotton where you can too! ;)

Back with more in the "I USE THIS" series tomorrow - I think I'll be writing about the BOB Jogging Stroller and what Pharmie and I have found while using it (people have had good questions for us about the stroller).


runningyankee 1:46 PM, August 16, 2011  

hey. try out the under armour charged cotton. good stuff.

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ah, yes....the turquiose tape....

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