Official Photos from the Waseca Triathlon

>> Thursday, August 25, 2011

I got some "official" race photos and some photos from friends. Here are a few photos from the start from Scuff:

A split second after the start, between Scuff and Chris H

Running in

Still running

Sean was out on the bike course, and he got 2 photos of me as I turned along the lake with about 2 miles to go:

And here are some official photos:

Coming up to a corner on my bike

Nearing the end of the 4.4 mile run (with too much of a heel-strike)

Oh, and I HAVE to point this out - I teased Matt in my last post because there was a girl really half-heartedly cheering for him at the end of the Lake Marion Triathlon. Well, in these last 2 photos from the Waseca Triathlon, there's a girl totally giving me a "look." I think the look says "What?... You CHOSE to wear that?!?... Whatever...." See for yourself:

What's her face saying to you? :)

And finally, NOT TO BE MEAN AT ALL, but this photo from Waseca amuses me a bit......

Poor guy.......

- a few "Friday Funnies" tomorrow
- my scientific findings regarding my swim times with and without a wetsuit on Saturday
- and then a few more posts in the "I USE THIS" series that I started 2 weeks ago


Unknown 8:19 AM, August 25, 2011  

That girl totally looking down on your unique wardrobe choice.

That last guy make me want to try a tri with my IKEA gift bike. However, I do know the front vs the back of my helmet.

Unknown 8:33 AM, August 25, 2011  

her face is saying "poor guy must be color blind"


Carolina John 8:47 AM, August 25, 2011  

Mountain bikers, I swear. Bless his heart, I hope that was done on purpose.

Kristin,  9:30 AM, August 25, 2011  

Actually, I think all four of the people in that first photo are thinking that. =)

Suzy 9:55 AM, August 25, 2011  

You didn't have your pinky out while you were running! Congrats again.

Anonymous,  8:54 PM, August 25, 2011  

Hey Steve. Great race report.
Got a question. I notice you are often(?always) shirtless for the bike and run. I thought standard (ITU) triathlon rules state that the athlete "May not run with a bare torso"
Just curious cuz I wanna run without a shirt too!
Are some of your events not sanctioned?

Steve Stenzel 9:03 PM, August 25, 2011  

Anon: Yep, I make sure to only go topless for non-sanctioned events. I've worn the Tutti Frutti shorts for 3 triathlons this year, and the last 2 (Waseca and Lake Marion) were not sanctioned, so I knew I could go topless. My first tri of the year (Life Time Fitness MPLS) was sanctioned, so I wore a top for the race.

I always make a note: if I have to pay an extra $10 while registering for the one-day ITU fee, then I have to wear a shirt!

Unknown 1:12 PM, August 26, 2011  

I appreciate your clarification on the shirt thing. I was wondering what the deciding factor was. As a lady, it isn't really anything I worry about since a sports bra seems to constitute "torso covered". With WTC and UTI not always being the same on things, it gets confusing sometimes.

Poor dude on the bike! I hope he didn't crash b/c the helmet is back WAY too far too, not protecting that noggin very well.

Unknown 11:18 PM, August 26, 2011  

DO you think that guy seriously didn't know how to put his helmet on?! oh my.

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