Great Interval Workout and Tomorrow's Triathlon

>> Saturday, August 20, 2011

I did a solid "distance interval" workout on Wednesday, and it was NICE. I went down to the river to use some of my regular mile markers. I was going to do 2 x 2 mile intervals with 3:00 of "walking rest" between. Afterwards, I mapped it out to make sure it was close:

I started at the north, ran 1.01 miles (which included a solid 1/8 mile hill just before mile 1), turned-around and ran back to make 2.02 miles for each interval.

Here are my 1/2 mile and mile splits, and my 2 mile totals:

- 2:48, 2:54 = 5:42
- 2:52, 2:52 = 5:44
- First 2 mile interval = 11:26

3:02 rest

- 2:54, 2:57 = 5:51
- 2:57, 2:50 = 5:47
- Second 2 mile interval = 11:38

Jen gave me a workout similar to that last year, and I'm trying to KINDA follow the workouts she gave me last year while training for the TC 10 Mile this year. But a lot will be scaled back with little Hank around. I'm just using last year as a guideline. I think this year will have more (and longer) distance runs, and they'll be less mid-distance speed-work.

Oh, and did I mention... I'm doing a triathlon tomorrow! It's the Lake Marion Triathlon in Lakeville, MN. I mentioned in my last "Friday Funny" that I'm doing it, and so is bro-in-law Matt and Pharmie's college friend Justin. Let's take a look at my last 2 weeks of tri training:

So that's 2 swims, 2 bike rides (along with a day of commuting on my bike), and 4 runs (2 steady long runs of 9+ miles, an 8 mile run with 5 miles at tempo pace [31:26], and another 8 miles that consisted of the "2x2" workout I mentioned above). NOT the best tri training. But I figured this summer would be like this: reduced training along with jumping into races at the last moment.

Here's how the race should go down:

SWIM: It. Will. Be. Ugly. I've been swimming SO LITTLE. My twisted ankle from a month ago hurts when I kick in the pool, so I've been easing off. Oh, and I hate swimming. :)

BIKE: It's 17.3 miles, and that will test my current level of endurance a bit. I don't expect this to be great. But it will be OK.

RUN: My running has been going OK lately - it's been about all that's been "good" about my training. It's the quickest and easiest thing to get out to do with little 10-week-old Henry in the house, and my last 2 long runs have even been WITH Henry.

We'll see what we can do at the race tomorrow! I'll maybe be back with a quick photo or 2 post-race, and then check back for the full report next week! Happy weekend!!


SteveQ 12:16 PM, August 21, 2011  

I was at the St. Paul Triathlon and thought I'd see you - oops! wrong tri!

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