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>> Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So I've been thinking about my performance at the 4 mile race on Saturday (see the previous post). I started pretty strong, with a 5:41 mile. I tried to keep it up in the middle, and I did (with mile 2 and 3 being 5:46 and 5:47). And then I blasted it home with a 5:27 mile for a good negative split (11:27 first half, 11:14 second half). Sometimes, I go out too easy so I have enough for the end, but this race was run perfectly.

Immediately, I was thinking, "I need to run a 5K soon!!" My 5K PR is 2 years old, and it's 17:27. I ran the first 3 miles of my race on Saturday in 17:14. If I just held that pace, I'd finish 3.1 miles around 17:45. And you could argue that being I was saving some for the last mile, I could race 3.1 miles in NEARLY the same time as my 3-mile split of my 4 mile race. Maybe. Even if you add 10 seconds, that's still a PR. I dunno...

This Sunday is a 5K race just down the street from our house. It's the "Human Race 5K" on Summit Ave. The starting line is literally 1 mile away. I could just jog to the start.

BUT this Saturday is the second of 3 free races for MDRA members: the MDRA 7 Miler. It's FREE.

Here's my "pros and cons" list as I'm trying to decide which one to race:

PROS for the 5K:
• There will be other "speedsters" there to push me.
• It's SOO close to home (I would just jog to the start).
• I could MAYBE get a PR.

CONS for the 5K:
• It costs $25. Yeah, that's not a LOT, but it's still money.
• Historically, I don't race well when all I'm doing is TRYING to PR.
• If I don't PR, I'll feel like I wasted $25 and the race.

PROS for the 7 Mile:
• It's free!
• I've never raced that distance, so it'd be a new PR regardless.
• I'm starting to know more people through the MDRA, so it's a chance to chat with some great runners.

CONS for the 7 Mile:
• It's a 20 minute drive.
• It's an odd distance, and a PR at that distance doesn't mean anything to me.
• It's a hilly course, and I don't care for hills. (Bad heels.)

Neutral points for each:
• They are both at 9 am.

So the list seems to be a dead-heat. BUT, the "pro" for the 5K about possibly setting a PR is a pretty big deal, so maybe that pushes me to favor the 5K, but I dunno....

Whatever I choose, if I'm wrong, I'll be grumpy.

Oh gentle and kind reader, what do you think I should do? Thanks for your thoughts in advance!!

So that means I'll do a long run today, something like a bike or swim tomorrow, intervals on the track on Thursday, and see what happens on the weekend. (Anyone up for the first outdoor interval session of 2010 at the St. Thomas track on Thursday? I'm thinking either later morning or around 6:30-6:40ish pm. Who's in?)

Oh, and check out my pseudo-sassy new article that welcomes back the fair weather runners. It's not meant to be mean-spirited; it's just meant to be fun. If you're from a colder climate, have you been seeing a resurgence in "fair weather runners" now that Spring is here? (Maybe YOU are a fair weather runner.) Check out my article for my thoughts.


cdnhollywood 7:55 AM, March 23, 2010  

Here's what you should do -- HTFU, princess!


Do the 5k.

Steve Stenzel 8:23 AM, March 23, 2010  

"Princess" and "pussbag." I see the internet is sassy this morning. Just the way I like it.



C 8:41 AM, March 23, 2010  

Do the 5K. I'm all about self-flagellation. But not in a kinky way. Ok, maybe a little kinky...

Christi 8:44 AM, March 23, 2010  

Okay, I am on board with everyone else. Do the 5k!!!

teacherwoman 9:20 AM, March 23, 2010  

I would go with the 7-miler. You can set an automatic PR with that race! Plus, I know that there will be more 5K's down the road. In fact, I think I am doing one the 2nd week in May with the family when we are down for a Twins game!

Jordan,  9:31 AM, March 23, 2010  

Steve, you should check out the warrior dash. Awards for best beard, and post race involves beer and viking hats.

Aimee 10:03 AM, March 23, 2010  

I would do the 5k. There will be other free runs you can do with MDRA.
Just my 2 cents. :)

Ginny M 11:08 AM, March 23, 2010  

Loved the article about the Fair Weather Runners. I'm in NJ, and although most of my running group has been faithful about going out no matter what the weather all winter, we have noticed a lot more runners out as the weather gets nicer... and you're right - a lot of them seem a tad overdressed for the conditions!

Chad 12:03 PM, March 23, 2010  

I wouldn't count on a lot of "speedsters" being at the 5K. If you look at the results from 2005 - 2009 you can see the number of sub-18 finishers being; 2, 6, 0, 1, 6.

Might be a chance to win a race.

But if you want to run a fast 5K, sign up for Brian Kraft on Memorial Day weekend. It's once around Nokomis with tons of fast people to push you - even the speedy tall blonde gal.

Matt Ellenberger 12:56 PM, March 23, 2010  

You should run the Human Race 8k with me this weekend. The course is pretty boring but its a late start so you can afford to get drunk on Saturday and run on Sunday

Anonymous,  1:50 PM, March 23, 2010  

Hey from Alaska (where we're still wearing tights and sometimes even light gloves, and no, we're definitely NOT fair weather runners).

Anyway, I vote on the 7 miler, to push you out of your comfort zone.

You have all summer to PR. It will give you something to look forward to.

Beside, the 8K is ... free!

Happy racing,


Mollyapolis 4:09 PM, March 23, 2010  

Chad is right. Most of the speedsters do the 8k. But I think there would be enough fast people in the 5k to help push you to a PR. I'm actually in the same predicament. My 5K PR is pre-pregnancy... and after Johanna's PR, I'm thinking the 5K is within reach. I like the 7 mile, but you'll find me at the Human Race on Sunday!

Priscilla Crawford 4:47 PM, March 23, 2010  

I vote for the 5K, because it is close. I love races that you don't need to drive to. I did a sprint tri last year about 1.5 mi from my house. I just rode my bike!

My Life 6:19 PM, March 23, 2010  

5K. Get it done and find out if you pass/fail that PR! And good piece about the fair weather runner. On the AZ flip side, I'm dusting off the treadmill and getting ready to become a summer shut-in.

drdave 7:24 PM, March 23, 2010  

Okay, I have a modified plan for you. You run the 7 miler to set a brand spankin new PR. Then you go to Davenport IA to run the bix. I can guarantee there will be REAL speedsters there to push you.

~ Jill 8:05 PM, March 23, 2010  

Run the 5k. If you don't you will just wonder if you should have.

I was just remarking on the influx of fair weather runners today when i got home...love to see people running just a bit overwhelming when they appear in throngs.

trimybest 8:22 PM, March 23, 2010  

dude whats with all the speed?! im feeling like im in serious trouble for our liberty challenge! im in for running at 6:30 pm. i could go there straight from work.

RunningWhit 9:18 PM, March 23, 2010  

Good luck with which ever race you decide on! I like the 5K just because it is so close to home for you so I'm thinking it would be on a route you are very familiar with.

Dave 9:34 PM, March 23, 2010  

I am with Dr. Dave here. Do the 7 mile as a warm up for Bix. Now that is a great race. i may have to look into that again this year.

Coach Liz 9:38 PM, March 23, 2010  

I'm going for the FREE race. Sure you have to drive 20 minutes but that is nothing. It takes me 35 minutes to drive to work each day. Whaa Whaa.

Go for the new distance challenge.

Julie 9:40 PM, March 23, 2010  

Hi Steve,
I just might go there to watch the finish of these races:) Maybe I could cheer you on!! You will do awesome with whatever race you decide to do!!

~ Jill 9:01 AM, March 24, 2010  

isn't the human race 5k actually at 11:40 or something weird?

Georgia Snail 3:10 PM, March 24, 2010  

Orignally my vote was headed for the free race...everyone loves a free race...

BUT, in light of Chad's research, I say go and win the 5k...All or nothin, balls to the wall!

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