Friday Funny 79: It’s a Small World After All

>> Friday, March 05, 2010

I’ve been meaning to tell this story for nearly 2 years. I’m feeling a little nostalgic (and missing my old bike), so I thought I’d finally share it.

I was walking through the convention center in Duluth in June of 2008. I was making my way through the crowds of people at the race expo so I could pick up my race packet for Grandma’s Marathon. Pharmie and her sister Steph were following me, as they were running the next day too.

Walking the other way was an attractive man. He was walking with someone else, and they were both laughing. He had tan skin, solid muscles, white teeth, a great smile, and I heard a hit of a Central / South American accent. Hunky. AND he had on doctor’s scrubs, so he had “the brains” to match “the body.”

Five seconds later, I turn around to see if the girls are still following me. And what do I see? My lovely wife Pharmie is wrapping her arms around hunky-tan-man. The man that I was ogling a few seconds earlier was now all over my wife. My damn lucky wife. ;)

(OK, I’m totally straight [not even a hint of being bi], but I can admit when I see a good looking man. I’m secure like that.)

It turns out his name is Andres, and he was one of the medical residents at the hospital where Pharmie works. I get introduced, we all chat, and I tell Pharmie this funny story once we say goodbye to Andres.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fast-forward 8 months to February 2009 - I bought a new bike, “Goldilocks.”

Fast-forward another few months, and I’m ready to part with my first tri bike, “Big Rhonda.” And guess who wanted to “tri” his hand at triathlon? That’s right: Andres. So I parted with Big Rhonda for a cheap price, but I was SUPER happy knowing that she’d be turning on another person to the world of multisport!

Here are Big Rhonda, Andres, and I when I “handed him the keys” last spring:

And here’s the BEST POSSIBLE PICTURE OF ALL: Big Rhonda (oh, and Andres) finishing another triathlon!!

Happy Friday!

p.s. Here are 3 Examiner articles I wrote recently:
- Here’s a very complete “early season” du and tri race listing for MN.
- Have you seen photos of Cervelo’s 1.5 lb bike frame? Crazy.
- And Sunday, I’ll be riding in the “Worlds Largest Cycling Class at the Target Center (where the Timberwolves play). Back with lots of photos of that on Monday!


Jumper 2.0 6:10 AM, March 05, 2010  

See ya at the cycling class. You should post a meet time so that a huge group of us can be together.

Chloe 6:28 AM, March 05, 2010  

Small world! How about running into you and and your lovley wife while we where watiting for the bus at NOLA 70.3? Out of 3500000 people, I'm stuck in line next to you guys :)

Happy Friday!!

CoachLiz 7:16 AM, March 05, 2010  

Andres is pretty hunky!

Have run at your bike ride that if you used a Garmin it would tell you that you went nowhere. Looking forward to the pics of sweaty people because I know you will take them. I challenge you to find the sweatiest and the least sweaty person in the crowd.

The Boring Runner 8:48 AM, March 05, 2010  

Wow, he even has your nipple's. Impressive. No wonder why pharmie was all over him.

drdave 8:49 AM, March 05, 2010  

You MUST be very secure of your manhood if you can post thoughts like that.
I laughed out loud while reading it.

teacherwoman 9:58 AM, March 05, 2010  

Too cool! What a handsome guy!

Steve Stenzel 10:30 AM, March 05, 2010  

He DOES have my nipples! I never noticed that! Mine are "always out to play" as my wife says.... ;)

Anonymous,  12:50 PM, March 05, 2010  

Seems all you guys (and gals) go for the big beefy type. As for doctors being smart, I beg to differ. This one looks like he must have charmed his way. I can't imagine, how else.

O, well. There's no disputing test. It just helps, to have some.

Now, for the little disclaimer. Shakespeare (as usual) said it best: "Methinks the LADY protests too much."

Narcissistic, fetishistic, and "PIOSCES!" In other words, THE ALL AMERICAN BOY!!! In other, other words: Fishy! VE-RY fishy!

Now, hang on everybody, for MASSIVE RETALIATION on-line! Shock and AWE! Here it COMES! Grrrr!

(So butch).

Anonymous,  12:52 PM, March 05, 2010  

That's "no disputing TASTE" and "PISCES!" At least Clark Kent could type.

Sarah 2:26 PM, March 05, 2010  

I don't care what Anonymous says, and I don't typically go for big and beefy types. That man is fine.... He can tell me biking and running stories all night long.

Bootchez 7:22 PM, March 05, 2010  

Dude. I think you're much better looking.

Swarthy doctors? Meh.

Fit photographer-types with great smiles and gnarly feet? No contest.


Joel 10:54 PM, March 05, 2010  

So, I found your blog when you did the narly photo contest, and I've been lurking ever sense. You crack me up.

I'm not sure how I would have reacted if I saw my wife hugging some exotic looking dude in scrubs. Maybe had dollar signs flipping around in my brain? Seriously funny post!

Anonymous,  12:29 PM, March 06, 2010  

You should say you're not bi like we're supposed to be RELIEVED. Not being bi isn't like not having CANCER.

Come on, Speedo!

It would be better if you WERE bi. Twice as much of evrything, right? And you really could set your own price.

So handsome, with gnarly-sensitive PISCES feet....

Anonymous,  12:30 PM, March 06, 2010  

Should NOT say, I mean....


Marathon Maritza 6:55 PM, March 06, 2010  

Hellooooooooo Andres. Tell him I speak Spanish.

I'm actually a bit more worried when men are SUPER grossed out/won't talk about it/think it's ludicrous to look at other men and comment on their looks. I mean, you have EYES, don't you? I think it means you are comfortable with yourself when you can just converse. :)

No, seriously, say hi to Andres for me. Well, just his guns really.

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