Thoughts on my "Birthday" 10 Miler

>> Saturday, March 13, 2010

This "100% Irish For A Day 10 Miler" is not going to be a PR race, but I still hope to have a decent showing. I'm pretty sure I can do sub-65, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. It's supposed to be windy and wet, so that could slow me down a bit. (I can take "cold," I can take "rain," but BOTH really suck the life out of me.) The big thing I need to do is to go out a little easy - I do NOT want to go out too hard and pay for it in the last half of the race.

Here's a breakdown of my only other two 10 mile races from back in October of last year:

TC 10 Mile,
Oct 5, 2009
Monster Dash 10 Mile,
Oct 31, 2009
First 5 Miles
Last 5 Miles
Fastest Mile
Mile 10 - 5:40
Mile 5 and 10 - 6:08
Slowest Mile
Mile 1 - 6:35
Mile 8 - 6:31
Overall Time
Photo Near the Finishline
Felt great throughout, really enjoyed myself, and finished strong!
Happy about my start speed, but felt like death for the last 3 miles.

So the main point of that table above is to show that when I push harder at the beginning of a race (like a REAL runner), I can bang out a little faster time. BUT, I end up feeling dead for the last few miles (as seen in my numbers and in the photos). If instead I start out a little easier, I'll finish with a slightly slower time, but I'll finish STRONG (and smiling instead of grimacing).

You know what, it's my f-ing birthday, so I'll run this how I want to!! ;)

I'll update my Twitter feed when I get home, and I'll be back with my race report tomorrow! Off I go!.....


Kate 6:58 AM, March 13, 2010  

Yeah! You run however you feel like it. Good luck!

Silvergirl 8:24 AM, March 13, 2010  

Happy Birthday Steve!! Hope you have a great "Birthday" Race!

Unknown 9:19 AM, March 13, 2010  

Happy Birthday Steve! Celebrating in style with a race! Nice :-)

RobbyB 1:58 PM, March 13, 2010  

Happy Birthday Steve!

gmgizmo9 2:33 PM, March 13, 2010  

Congrats on your race, Steve, and Happy Birthday!!

Char 3:55 PM, March 13, 2010  

Happy Birthday to you and me. I had an awesome day. Hope yours was just as good.

it's all about pace 9:54 AM, March 17, 2010  

looks like going out too hard and hanging on = your best.... just sayin'

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