14 Days of Nothing: Day 9: Nine Questions

>> Saturday, December 05, 2009

Want to hear something random? Well, you're HERE, so of course you do. Here it is: I was recently interviewed by a German internet urban sports magazine called "eRYTHROPOETIZINUM." Random, I know. I was their "Sports Blog of the Month" for December.

They asked me 9 questions, so I figured it would go well on my 9th "day of nothing." Below is the interview. Click on either of the images to see a bigger (more readable) version:

(click image for larger view)

(click image for larger view)

I don't know about you, but I like the slightly broken-English intro...

If you'd like to check out the whole December issue of eRYTHROPOETIZINUM, click here and download the Dec 2009 PDF. Oh, but if you're a little squeamish, don't look at the spread that's just after my interview. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Remember: tonight (Sat) at midnight (central time) is the deadline for entering to win your signed copy of "Trizophrenia!" Click here for the details.


Maria 7:36 AM, December 05, 2009  

congrats on the interview, your fame just went even more international! you are a blog superstar!

Steph 9:47 AM, December 05, 2009  

Beauty, eh? Congrats on the interview! And I'm biting my nails while waiting for the book drawing results- eeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Georgia Snail 10:44 AM, December 05, 2009  

Great article supa star!!! Nice shout out to the two ladies in your life!

CoachLiz 11:13 PM, December 05, 2009  

I liked that Frankenstein zipper of stitches and staples on that guy's shoulder.

Really though, I want the back pack that looks like an alien crustation that is eating your back and my kid wants that neon Artikar recummbant bike thingy.

Steve Stenzel 1:07 PM, December 06, 2009  

Yeah Liz, I like those staples too! And I thought the backpack was pretty awesome! It looks "Batman-esque!"

endorphinum 9:13 AM, December 16, 2009  

Thanks a lot Steve for your support and the beautiful implementation of the pages inside the blog. I hope my english ain't that bad so that your fellowers won't be able to read it.
Big hugs to all of you in here and keep the pulse high!

And about the backpack you love: the name is taken by an animal that when attacking "spits" acid out of his... well... "back" :)

sRod 12:15 PM, December 17, 2009  

Awesome and awesomely random.

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