14 Days of Nothing: Day 5: 5 Questions and a GIVEAWAY!

>> Tuesday, December 01, 2009

What better way to spend my “14 Days of Nothing” than reading about doing athletic things! I recently was asked to interview Jef Mallett, who just wrote “Trizophrenia: Inside the Minds of a Triathlete.” I was honored, so I asked Jef 5 questions about his book.1 And be sure not to miss the end of this post where there’s a giveaway: Jef’s giving away signed copies of his book!

1. How long have you wanted to do a book like this? How long were you specifically working on this book?

The clichéd answer is, of course, that I’ve wanted to do this all my life. Like a lot of clichés, it’s true. I’ve always loved books. I’ve always loved sports, particularly outdoor endurance sports. I’ve always loved making people smile. I only recently realized I could make people a little smarter, so maybe that’s how long I’ve wanted to create a book like this: about two weeks. Haw, haw. The idea of a funny book about triathlon started to gel while I was illustrating “Roadie,” a similar but very different take on bicycle racing by Jamie Smith. That was a couple of years ago. As it happened, Jamie’s publisher, Velo Press, was having the same idea. I’ll save everybody the math: I wrote this book pretty fast. Not quite Sarah Palin fast, but pretty fast. I didn’t get a lot of sleep in 2008 and 2009.

2. What's the target audience for this book? Who do you hope it appeals to?

Now it’s really going to sound like I’m picking on Sarah Palin. Which readers do I think this can appeal to? All of ‘em! I know the perils of trying to please everyone, but I think this book will offer a little insight for outside observers, a little instruction for those new to or pondering the sport, a little something veterans can identify with, a little perspective for those of us who have wandered off the deep end and a few laughs for everyone. Honestly, you shouldn’t have to care about triathlon at all to get something out of this book. It’s really a book about life and lessons, which is a dreadfully boring topic unless you distort it with some kind of lens to make it relatable and exotic at the same time. And triathlon turns out to be a hell of a lens.

3. I love the "Q&A" section of the book (part 1, chapter 3, section 3). That's not a question, but I'd like a response.

Q: Is there a better way to write a chapter titled “How to Explain It”?

My answer: No, there really isn’t. FYI: That chapter is all in “Q&A” format, and it’s that conversation that we’ve ALL had with someone. You know the conversation. The one that starts with them asking “Why?...” and never ends with either side feeling satisfied. Jef finishes this chapter in a great way that takes it right back around to the beginning.

4. I like how you make fun of yourself a lot, and who doesn't like that?! What else ya got? Give us another embarrassing triathlon story. (Or sports related at least.)

You really have to work at it to embarrass yourself during a triathlon. Everybody else in the race can relate, and everybody watching has to squelch their laughter because you’re out there racing and they’re not. But I manage. I like the one where I’m being interviewed for an article in the New England Masters swimming magazine. Elaine Kornbau is asking about my swimming accomplishments, which are, to put it mildly, slim. In fact, I only have one pure swimming experience that has a chance at impressing anyone, and that’s crossing the Straits of Mackinac. That’s a 4-mile swim, shore to shore, a little more with the current, and I did it with 49 other swimmers on a nice day. So I haul that one out, because sometimes even the best pool swimmers are intimidated by that kind of open water. I didn’t do my research. Elaine had just swam across the Catalina Channel, was a veteran of the around-Manhattan swim, and would soon cross the English Channel, becoming only the 33rd person to complete the open-water triple crown. (Let me make it clear here that any embarrassment was prompted by me alone; Elaine interviews and writes as well as she swims, and she never made me feel like anything short of a star.)

5. Jeez, you sure are a fan of footnotes.2 What's the story behind that?

I tend to digress. Every good story has a whole new batch of sideshows, like the way Vonnegut is always flitting about from one Kilgore Trout story to another. I actually met Vonnegut once, and let me tell you … Oops. Yeah. And the whole three-track-mind theme of the book just begged for that kind of disjointed bouncing back and forth. Doing it in footnotes is a great way to keep the asides as asides and guide the reader right back to the main theme. Much to the surprise of no one, I got carried away. The book, by word count, is roughly a third footnotes. The publisher actually had to change the shape of the book to accommodate them without forcing the reader to turn pages too much.

6. The appendix written by your wife is very heartwarming - I had a small smile on my face for the entirety of those few pages. Was that your idea or her idea?

Isn’t that wonderful? My wife, Patty, is a very good writer and even better editor, so her handiwork shows up in a lot more than just that appendix. It was actually friends of hers who suggested that her perspective on the sport would serve readers well, and Velo Press and I were all over that one. So now there’s yet another category where my life wouldn’t have been nearly as good without her contribution.

7. OK, we're all "numbers" people - what's your olympic, half IM, and IM PRs? Inquiring minds need to know! And any idea how many of each you've raced?

I’m almost as bad at keeping records as I am at setting them, but I’ll try. Ironman-distance PR is 11:02, at IM Florida. Half-iron, 5:09 at the Musselman in New York. Olympic, oh boy. I could be missing one, but best I can find is 2:14 at the Lansing Legislator, right here at home. I know I’ve done two IMs and five half-IMs. Probably a couple dozen Olympic-distances and a few more sprints than that.

8. And if you're taking applications, I'd love to join "Team Fast Pig." Like you, I need to get up super early on race morning, I can't swim a straight line, and I believe in "gravity clusters" even if science has yet to back us up on that. So I think those first 2 could be requirements for the team....

The concept of the Fast Pig (blatantly stolen from Steinbeck in “East of Eden,” but with he didn’t have the greatest sport in the world to apply it to) is possibly my favorite metaphor ever. What a team that would be! In retrospect, I should have named the book “Fast Pig.” People could pronounce that. Which, it’s Trits-o-FREE-nee-uh, like schizophrenia plus one.3 I seem to have a lifelong problem with pronouncability. Just so people know, my last name doesn’t rhyme with “shallot,” it rhymes with “a jet.” Which, going back to my personal best times, is probably not the best mnemonic device. Sure wish there was a breed of pig that rhymed …

And here’s a closing statement from Jef:

I wish I’d already committed to a 2010 race schedule so I could urge your readers to come out and say hi. I do know I’ll be at the Hawk Island Triathlon in Lansing, Mich., since I help organize that one. And I’m planning on doing Musselman again, and I’m about to sign up for the Rev3 full-distance race in Cedar Point, Ohio. It looks terrific. Then again, this could work out well – if the right race turns up at the right time, I’m a friendly guy with a book to push, and I’m open to invitation. Thanks, Steve – great questions. This was a blast.


1. I know, I know. This was more than 5 questions. Leave me alone. I’m still on some sort of high from being stuffed with turkey, bacon, duck, ribs, pickle and ham and cream cheese rollups, and 3 different pumpkin-related desserts over the weekend. Cut me some slack.
2. These are footnotes. If you didn’t know, now you do.
3. THANK YOU! I really didn’t know how to pronounce “Trizophrenia” until you explained that.

Honestly, I REALLY enjoyed this book. I got through about 75% of the book on a 3 hour flight, so it’s a pretty quick, enjoyable read. You know how I know that I REALLY enjoyed it? I kept elbowing Pharmie to say “Hey, listen to what Jef says here!...” I was thoroughly amused! (And Pharmie was thoroughly annoyed with me.) It’d make a great gift for someone who’s CHEERED at a lot of triathlons, someone THINKING about getting into triathlons, someone TRAINING for their first triathlon, or someone who’s been COMPETING in triathlons for years. (Need a stocking stuffer?) It’s simply a fun book! Thanks for letting me interview you Jef, and thanks for giving away a few books to my readers!!


It’s easy. Ready? Here it is. All you need to do is to comment on this post to be entered in this contest. But, if you want to “earn” more entries, you can follow Jef’s Twitter feed and/or become a member of the “Steve in a Speedo” fan page on Facebook. If you do 1 of those, you earn a second entry! If you do both of those, you earn a third entry!

So follow Jef’s Twitter feed and/or become a member of the “Steve in a Speedo” fan page on Facebook BEFORE commenting on this post, and then let me know what you did in your comment so I know to add your name 2 or 3 times. So, your comment might say “Hey Steve, this John Smith from Topeka. I joined your Facebook group (but I didn’t follow Jef’s twitter), so put my name in the hat twice! Thanks!”

Pseudo-legal stuff:
- Contest only open to US residents. Sucks to live in Quebec right now... UPDATE: The publisher just told me he can ship to Canada, Australia, and the UK (as well as the US). So if you live in any of those areas, you're eligible! I guess it DOESN'T suck to live in Quebec right now...
- You may comment now (on THIS post) through midnight Central time on Saturday, Dec 5th. The winner will be contacted on Monday of next week.
- The winner will be chosen at random by a random number generator. If you’ve earned multiple entries, you will get multiple numbers, thus bettering your chances at winning!
- Check back this Monday (Dec 7th) to see if you won! (Especially if you don’t have a blogger account because I have no way of contacting you.)

(p.s. You can learn more about Jef on his blog.)


Alex,  6:16 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve- My name is Alex and I'm from PA. I'm a longtime reader, first-time commenter and I love reading your blog. It's an inspiration to read about another person's races and gives me something to shoot for in my own athletic pursuits.

I can't access Facebook right now so I guess I'll put my name in for 1 entry. Good luck with your remaining 9 days of nothing!

Anonymous,  6:25 AM, December 01, 2009  

Steve - This is Mark Bevington from Michigan. Put my name in twice, I now follow jef's twitter, but I don't have time for Facebook (sorry steve).

Eric Mellow 6:33 AM, December 01, 2009  

Your blog is entertaining AND has giveaways?! Sign me up, please. :)

Eric in Milford, NE

RW 7:02 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve, this Rachel Wasserman from State College, PA. I joined your Facebook group (but I didn’t follow Jef’s twitter), so put my name in the hat twice! Thanks!

Georgia Snail 7:04 AM, December 01, 2009  

Lurve the new FB fan page! The book sounds liek a great read!!! Thanks Steve.

Keith 7:13 AM, December 01, 2009  

Quebec!! Sucks to live in Quebec?? That's only a small part of Canada. I guess I'll have to go find my own copy of the book.

Christine 7:13 AM, December 01, 2009  

“Hey Steve, this Christine from Elkhart, IN. I joined your Facebook group (but I didn’t follow Jef’s twitter), so put my name in the hat twice! Thanks!”

shannon 7:27 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve! This is Shannon from St. Paul--I also joined your FB group, so please plop my name in the hat twice. Good luck on your remaining days of doing nothing!

KodaFit 7:30 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve, Go ahead and put me in for 3!!

TriGirl Kate O 7:36 AM, December 01, 2009  

ooooh, I love Frazz! Put me in twice and I'll become a fan on FB.

Meredith Brooks 7:42 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve, this Meredith Brooks from Kentucky. I joined your Facebook group and I am now following Jef’s Twitter, so please put my name in the hat three times! Thanks!

Greenking17 "TRI-harder" 7:49 AM, December 01, 2009  

Morning Steve! You can just put me down for one! I don't do FB, and twitter is...well, it is not. I did, however, subscribe to Jef's blog if that counts for anything....?!


Sean Pease...SLP

Joe Pitkin 7:50 AM, December 01, 2009  

I saw Trizophrenia at the book store and it went right onto my Christmas list!

Love that Peter Sagal did the foreward!

Joined the FB page, and followed on twitter!

Shanna in St. Louis,  7:53 AM, December 01, 2009  

Love your blog! Very inspiring for a newbie to the sport!!

Count me in, 3 times!

Kitzzy 7:55 AM, December 01, 2009  

I love your blog, even if I don't comment often. I'm Kitzzy Aviles from Orlando, FL. I'm your FB fan and followed Jef on twitter, so add me in thrice! Thanks!

Es --- IRONMAN! 8:02 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve. I'm Es and I'm a triath-aholic.

I'm now a fan but I don't twit. Please put me in twice.

Love your blog, it makes me laugh, it make me cry - sometimes in the same post - especially when you post some nasty pics of your feet!

Nathaniel 8:05 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve, this is Nathaniel Smith from South Portland Maine. I love reading your blog and the book looks like a great read. I joined your Facebook group, and I followed Jef’s twitter, so put my name in the hat three times. Thanks buddy.

Amy 8:09 AM, December 01, 2009  

Steve, my hero. :-) This is Amy from Madison, WI. I'll join your most awesomest Facebook group too.

Priscilla Crawford 8:10 AM, December 01, 2009  

I enjoyed the interview and I would love to have a chance to win the book!

RunningLaur 8:18 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve! I'd love to win this as a gift for a friend (I'd have to read it myself first of course, but he'd be cool with that). He's done a few sprints and would love more of a connection to the tri community! I'm following Jef's twitter and your facebook page too :)

bectom1 8:24 AM, December 01, 2009  

I love reading your blog and I've been wanting to get this book since it came out. I'm a huge fan of Frazz! I'm now following Jef's twitter account and I'm now a fan of your facebook account. Please put my name in 3 times for the give away. Thank you!

SM 8:26 AM, December 01, 2009  

Awesome Steve!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Megan T 8:30 AM, December 01, 2009  

Great Interview. The books sounds interesting and a giveaway is always awesome (even if I have yet to win one on any blog...grr).

Anonymous,  8:35 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve, you can enter my name twice (once for the comment and I'm becoming a fan on FB when I get home - I'm blocked at work - WTH?) I would really love a copy of this book!

Jen from Ohio

richvans 8:36 AM, December 01, 2009  

Sweet interview. I'm now in your FB group and following Jeff on twitter (as triforit). Thanks for keeping the offseason entertaining.

rueschmike 8:40 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hi, Steve. This is Mike from Texas. I am following Jeff's one comment on Twitter and I of course became a fan of Steve in a Speedo on Facebook!!!

Borsch 8:46 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve,

After many hours on multiple photo sites Sunday night and three trips to Target Monday we finially have our Save the date cards!

Thanks again for helping out! that would have taken me hours to proportion it right, maybe I need to play with photoshop more...

Finially, throw me down for three entries. When did you set up a FB fan page?

Jeff 8:49 AM, December 01, 2009  

I'm going to take a radical, alternative approach altogether: if I don't win I'm not going to read your posts anymore! (Well, that's a lie, but it's demonstrative of creativity.)

I want the book. Nay! Need the book!

Red beans and rice did miss her,

Anonymous,  8:52 AM, December 01, 2009  


Andy Newman, great interview, I'm also following Jeff on Twitter and am a fan of Steve in a Speedo on Facebook!

Chad 8:56 AM, December 01, 2009  


Put me down for one entry.

Chad from Baton Rouge

The Sabins 9:01 AM, December 01, 2009  

Who rocks at interviewing? Steve does! Sounds like a fun book...

Put me down for one entry, Jen Sabin from Dallas, TX!

Good times.

Katie 9:01 AM, December 01, 2009  

Steve. I enjoy your blog and I just joined your facebook group. Could you put my name in the hat twice?
Katie from St. Paul

Shelley 9:08 AM, December 01, 2009  

I always enjoy your blog and it makes me smile everyday...thanks for doing this for us..:-)

Jess 9:13 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve, this is Jessie from Wisconsin. Please put me in for three entries because I am now your fan on FB and am following Jeff on Twitter. I love your blog!

Jford 9:14 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve! Your blog is always a great read, Thanks for taking the time to post! I am going to look for your group on FaceBook now!


Jennifer 9:36 AM, December 01, 2009  

Nice interview - sounds like a fun book to read and I love Peter Sagal, too. I became a facebook fan and am following Jef on Twitter. Put me in three times please!

Eliza Returns 9:47 AM, December 01, 2009  

I've heard about the book was intrigued.

Love your blog, always good for a laugh/motivation :)

Following JefMallett on Twitter

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for a total of 3 :)

B. Kramer 9:48 AM, December 01, 2009  

I'm such a huge Frazz fan. Great interview. I totally just commented because I want the book. Cheers!

Mark 9:51 AM, December 01, 2009  


1. Steve - Great Interview
2. I've know about Frazz for a while but this gives me a new perspective.
3. Book sounds great, would be nice to get one for Christmas, or even better, win one.
4. This is Mark from Robbinsdale
5. I am now following Jef on Twitter
6. And I join the Steve in a Speedo group on Face book.
7. By my count that is three entries in to the contest and 7 footnotes.

Neal Carlton 9:52 AM, December 01, 2009  

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Kate 10:01 AM, December 01, 2009  

Great interview! If I don't win one I might just have to buy a copy of the book!

Sarah,  10:22 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve.... Thanks for another great entry. I am at work, so won't be able to join your facebook page till I get home, but I plan to.

I hope you and Pharmie had a good Thanksgiving. It sounds like the eating was grand.

kT 10:23 AM, December 01, 2009  

Peter Sagal?! I am a sucker for that midwestern humor. Love your blog,
Kate from western MA

Janet Edwards 10:52 AM, December 01, 2009  

Steve, long time fan! Count me in, 3 times!

Sue 11:49 AM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve!

I am a long-time reader of your blog. And now I am on your FB group *and* I am following Jef on Twitter. Thanks for being so gross and entertaining!

Jim Smith II 11:59 AM, December 01, 2009  

You KNOW I'm a fan! Count me in ;-)

Krista 12:20 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve, this Krista Gager from NYC (originally from Duluth, MN). I joined your Facebook group (but I don't do twitter), so put my name in the hat twice! Thanks

Steel Springs 12:24 PM, December 01, 2009  

Sounds like a fun book! Please enter me.

The Boring Runner 12:35 PM, December 01, 2009  

Coooooool. Tis the season for giving it seems.^1

Put me down for 3 I suppose. I'm all about facebook, but am just getting started with twitter.

1. And for frostbite (footnotes rule)

Leslie 12:42 PM, December 01, 2009  

Put me in for one entry!

SC's Adventures 12:43 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve,

Love your blog and love the fact that I can enter your comp from the UK!

Put me in for THREE entries. Yup, I'm that sad. :-)

Enjoy your 14 days of rest, they will be over before you know it!


Megara,  1:08 PM, December 01, 2009  

Meg, in Indiana, fellow pinky out runner, joined the FB page, count me in 2x. Thanks!

Unknown 1:32 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve - one entry for the comment and one for becoming a fan on Facebook (I don't follower twitter yet!) :)

Alisa 2:34 PM, December 01, 2009  

Alisa from Cali (now living in OR, can't say I will ever say I'm from Oregon).

I became a fan on facebook and I'm commenting so two entries please =).

jtrimom 2:48 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hi, Steve!
Put me in for 2 entries please! I didn't even know you were on FB.

Mohammad Arfeen 2:49 PM, December 01, 2009  

Mohammad from chicago, fanned you and facebook and followed jef, 3 entries for me please

Aimee 2:52 PM, December 01, 2009  

Great interview! The book sounds great! If I don't win it here, I'll definitely add it to my xmas list! :)

Robert 2:58 PM, December 01, 2009  

I'd like the book, but I don't have a twitter or a facebook acoount, so just put my name in the hat 4 or five times.

Gaye 3:01 PM, December 01, 2009  

I'm in for Facebook and Twitter! Not that I ever win anything... :-D

kxux 3:04 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hi Steve,

great to see the interview on your blog. Great read. I have signed-up to follow Jeff on twitter. So I guess that makes two entries.


Anonymous,  3:10 PM, December 01, 2009  

Long time reader and first time commentator here. Hey Steve, this @the17thman. I joined your Facebook group, following you and
JefMallett on twitter

Steph 3:49 PM, December 01, 2009  

Woohoo! Thanks for the excellent reading as usual.

You can please put me down for THREE entries as I have commented (duh), am following Jeff on Twitter and became a fan of SIAS on Facebook.

Steph, from Cincinnati.

Steph 3:54 PM, December 01, 2009  

Ah! It's Jef not Jeff!! My bad. Sorry Jef. I hope this doesn't hurt my chances... ;)

Lauren Starks 4:09 PM, December 01, 2009  

I would do some sort of cyber jumping up and down waving my arm while screaming PICK ME PICK ME...

but you're likely to literally put all the names in a hat and draw. I get 3 drawings.

I'm a fan
I'm a follower
I'm a commenter


T 4:10 PM, December 01, 2009  

i don't tweet so i'm screwed there, but i became a fan of the speedo on facebook! so i guess put me in for two entries.

also, this book sounds awesome and if i don't win (odds are good that i won't), i may just pick it up anyway.

and frazz is also awesome.

Rana Tortuga 4:51 PM, December 01, 2009  

This is Kristine from 55442. Perfect timing with your blog topic, I just used my Border's Rewards to buy it today. But since I tend to write in all of my books that is a good thing since I wouldn't want to write in the autographed one I'm going to win ;)

Chalk me up for 3: blog, FB & Twitter!

Unknown 6:24 PM, December 01, 2009  

Great interview, Steve! Can't wait to read the book!

Unknown 6:25 PM, December 01, 2009  

P.S. I'm a fan on Facebook too, so I should get two entries :)

Nicole 6:39 PM, December 01, 2009  

I never win anything, but, I'm writing a comment and I'm a fan on FB...good stuff!! :)

Eric 7:50 PM, December 01, 2009  

I was wondering why I got an invite to become a fan of Steve in a Speedo. What would my kids think...or my wife. ; )

Sneaky way of creating a massive cult following.

Anyways....put me down for two entries.

If anyone else in Cleveland wins I'll just borrow their book.

Badgergirl 7:51 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve, it's Badgergirl from Wisconsin! I follwed Jef's twitter feed and joined your Facebook page, so put my name in the hat three times.

Sound like a cool book! Enjoy the rest of your days of nothing!

Jumper 2.0 8:16 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve!

Any plans for dome running soon? I might be there Thursday! I'm also thinking Charities Challenge on the 5th! Oh wait, you're doing nothing! Nevermind! Soon though!

Anyway, I had already joined the fan of Steve page yesterday I believe. I have now joined Jef's twitter feed and of course am posting this to tell you.

Musing Runner 8:46 PM, December 01, 2009  

Put me in twice, I followed Jef on Twitter. I don't do Facebook. But I like real books, so I hope I win!


Erin 9:27 PM, December 01, 2009  
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Erin 9:29 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve! This is Erin from Grand Forks, ND. Put me in for two entries, as I joined your groupies on Facebook. Your blog keeps me laughing all week long. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous,  9:58 PM, December 01, 2009  

Hey Steve, count Jeff from Apple Valley MN in for one.

Chad 10:04 PM, December 01, 2009  


Joined the facebook group. Can you put me down for entry #2?


Sparklinglady 10:26 PM, December 01, 2009  

i'm a fan and a poster!!! you make me laugh.

D 1:17 AM, December 02, 2009  

I'm not entering, but it does need to be said... it ALWAYS sucks to live in Quebec.

- D in BC ;)

CoachLiz 5:24 AM, December 02, 2009  

Hey Steve,

Just put me in for one entry. I am overwhelmed by technology and even though I have FB account and a Twitter account I never use them or really know how to use them. Sad since I have been on Twitter for over two years and FB for about 20 months.

Velma 11:07 AM, December 02, 2009  

Hi! This is Beth from St. Louis (who used to live by Jef in East Lansing Michigan). I am a follower on Jef's twitter and I follow you on Facebook. Sign me up 3 times.

I am also have some triathlete mental challenges, so I would love the book!

Joe and Christy 12:23 PM, December 02, 2009  

sign me up!

christy in wisconsin

Unknown 1:22 PM, December 02, 2009  

Pah, you're totally pimping yourself out...facebook fan page? C'mon! Is this your attempt to get gaggles of teenage girls following you around at races?

This better count as an entry for the giveaway!

Justine 5:35 PM, December 02, 2009  

Hey Steve,

Great blog!! Always highly entertaining. Put me in for 2 as I joined your FB fan page.

Boston, MA

Stefanie 8:44 PM, December 02, 2009  

Steve put me in twice. I am commenting and I joined your facebook fan page (How did I not find that sooner). I don't do twitter so no third entry for me. LOL
Stefanie S

Unknown 10:13 PM, December 02, 2009  

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Jenny Wimmer

Lucinda 4:25 AM, December 03, 2009  

Hey Steve,

I joined your facebook page, please enter me in the draw!


Lucinda :)

The LaceDog 6:33 AM, December 03, 2009  

For some reason, your daily updates highlight my day. I wish I was as committed as you, to both working out and blogging.

Two things in common with you...I'm an IM WI finisher, and I too have a very hot wife!!

Keep up the good work!

Katie 1:12 PM, December 03, 2009  

Hi Steve!

This is Katie from SSP. Put my name in 3 times, please. Yay Facebook. I'm not a triathlete, but I really like footnotes so I hope I win.

Sara 2:52 PM, December 03, 2009  

throw me in the hat twice. I am a fan on FB as well. Enjoy your off season ;)

VCK 3:04 PM, December 03, 2009  

Hi Steve,
I'm not a triathlete and I'm a super-slow runner. I like your blog. You're funny. I want a copy of this book. I also like short, succinct sentences. Can you tell?

Purplestate 5:48 PM, December 03, 2009  

First! No, wait. what do you mean I'm 93rd? No fair!

Anyway, I'm Chris from DC, I was at Mussleman last year as well -- my first 1/2 IM! Really fun interview -- I already bought my copy of Triz plus one for a friend!

trytrytri,  9:28 PM, December 03, 2009  

Well...I grew up watching Jef ride and draw. I even joked a while back that he and I (more like he) should have been the inventors of multi-sport since we lived right near a lake and I spent my summers basically doing all three things within an hour of each other every day.

But let's remember that Jef did not invent footnotes. That would be David Foster Wallace, may he rest in peace.

Caroline 10:02 PM, December 03, 2009  

Enter me! Enter me!

I did all that following stuff too, so I think I get extra entries.

Caroline from California..

Oh no, my name came out cheesey...

gmgizmo9 8:32 AM, December 04, 2009  

Steve! Please enter me. Please!? I do not tweet, nor am I a twit. But I do Tri. And I do read your blog religiously. And I'm Catholic...but no guilt. Really, no guilt at all. Seriously!

TGIF and thanks also for the Friday Funnies!

Annandale, VA

Chris 8:40 AM, December 04, 2009  

If I win, can you deliver to my house? :P

Lily on the Road 8:43 AM, December 04, 2009  

Hey Steve, this John Smith from Topeka. I joined your Facebook group (but I didn’t follow Jef’s twitter), so put my name in the hat twice! Thanks!”


It's me, Laurel from Lily on the Road, I haven't followed Jef on Twitter, BUT I have joined you at Steve in a Speedo on FB, so put my name in the hat twice.


Carolina John 8:44 AM, December 04, 2009  

like the new fan page too steve. enter me twice!

Jennifer Harrison 8:45 AM, December 04, 2009  

Put my name is 1,000 x, Steve!
This is Jennifer Harrison from LOVELY Chicagoland, IL !! I am a fan of yours on FB, but not following Jef on Twitter.!!


gary4est 8:52 AM, December 04, 2009  

Steve, you make me laugh, sign me up. I can't take the rest anymore, off to the pool to do some laps, jealous?

Gary Forrest, Colorado.

Runner Leana 9:01 AM, December 04, 2009  

This sounds like a great read! Just the sort of thing to help get me through one of my long haul flights this holiday season.

Plus I'm a fan on FB so can I have two entries please?


Ironman By Thirty 9:09 AM, December 04, 2009  

Count me in for three votes!

Very interesting interview. I am have the Hawk Island Tri on my list of possible races for 2010, so I'll have to look for Jef there. Very cool to have someone from my neck of the woods to follow.

Shawn 10:18 AM, December 04, 2009  

If I went over and 'favorited' his comic do I get yet another entry?

If the book is anything like the strip - should be a real good read.

If I don't win a copy, I'm wondering, will it come out with a kindle version, cause that's my new favorite way to read.

K 10:19 AM, December 04, 2009  

Put my name in twice please!

Kelly 10:33 AM, December 04, 2009  

BOOK! And I think I'm already a fan...

Anonymous,  10:38 AM, December 04, 2009  

Hi Steve,
I was introduced to your blog recently, and it's the best!

I have lots of reading to do to catch up but I plan to get started with that task now.

I became a fan on FB, please enter me 3 times for the drawing.
Thanks...Carol S, Appleton WI

Sean 10:45 AM, December 04, 2009  

I bought Jef's book for a friend for Christmas. Now I want a copy.

Comment: vote 1
Facebook page: vote 2
Twitter follow: vote 3


Chris Shelley,  10:47 AM, December 04, 2009  


21stCenturyMom 11:21 AM, December 04, 2009  

I am a fan of Steve in a Speedo - have been for years! yuk yuk yuk!!

I am not a fan of this comment template that makes me scroll through 100 comments to leave one and then makes me scroll through them again. Just sayin'

jeanne 11:23 AM, December 04, 2009  

you rock!
fanned your page--check
following jeff on twitter--check
leaving this here comment--check

great interview, thanks! I'll put this book on my list!

Laura 11:36 AM, December 04, 2009  

Hey Steve, this is Laura C from Milwaukee. I joined your Facebook group (but I didn’t follow Jef’s twitter), so put my name in the hat twice! Thanks!
Love the blog, one of my favorites for daily entertainment!

Sara 11:43 AM, December 04, 2009  

Ooh! Ohh! Me! Me!

Sara from Verona, WI, home of Fireman's Park!

Steve Sander 1:01 PM, December 04, 2009  

Awesome Steve. I'm glad I finally fond out who was in the death outfit at Square Lake last year, hilarious. Keep up the blogging my man and hope to do some more races with you next year. I just joined your facebook fan page so hit me up for two.

Unknown 1:11 PM, December 04, 2009  

Fun interview!
I look forward to reading more.

Sarah Coltvet,  1:40 PM, December 04, 2009  

hey... I joined your facebook page.. got my first comment today. please add me again. come to think of it, I should probably give you my name:

Sarah Coltvet
so that would be two now :)

Derek Schroeder,  3:52 PM, December 04, 2009  

Love the Blog Steve!! It is always entertaining and gross...great stuff!
I am a fan on facebook too!
Pick me!

-Derek Schroeder
Hudson, Ohio

RobbyB 5:57 PM, December 04, 2009  

I'm in for all three!

Thanks Steve!

brendaontheRun 6:08 PM, December 04, 2009  

Put me in for one please!
Brenda from Banff
ps love your blog.

trihrdrgrl 8:32 PM, December 04, 2009  

Hiya! Dana from Cleveland, Ohio. Just became a fan and added Jeff on Twitter. :)

Duane 9:35 PM, December 04, 2009  

Duane from Littleton, one entry please!

Anonymous,  10:52 PM, December 04, 2009  

Hey Steve, this Andrew Watkins from Canal Fulton, OH. I joined your Facebook group and followed Jef’s twitter, so put my name in the hat three times! Thanks!

tim 10:56 PM, December 04, 2009  

“Hey Steve, this Tim from Arlington, VA. I joined your Facebook group (but I didn’t follow Jef’s twitter), so put my name in the hat twice! Thanks!”

trigirl82 2:55 AM, December 05, 2009  

Hey Steve! Count me in for 2 points! Comment & FB. Can't wait to read the book.. Free or otherwise! :-)

TriathleteRocker 8:32 AM, December 05, 2009  

Hey Steve, love your blog! I've been reading for a while, as it seems quite a few people have. Count me in for the contest!

Aliicia 10:10 AM, December 05, 2009  

Steve - i love your blog - your Friday funnies always tee me up for a good weekend ;-)

I am a fan on facebook - but i am not on twitter...

Thanks for blogging ! Aliicia from Cotuit, Mass

Dave M 12:57 PM, December 05, 2009  

OK, I joined the FB group so please give me two entries. Thanks!

Mike,  1:31 PM, December 05, 2009  

Hey Steve, this is Mike from snowy Gainesville, VA. I've been following your blog for almost a year. Put me down for two entries, cause I joined your facebook group today! I don't twitter though.

Peg S 6:25 PM, December 05, 2009  

Hi Steve,
This book looks like it has great Christmas present potential!
I joined your FB group and am also following on Twitter, so put me done for three!
Have a great weekend!
Peg from PA.

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