Week in Review: Easy Spins and Some Hikes

>> Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Here's what last week looked like:

Monday was my first long run since the 10 mile race 8 days before that, so I did NOTHING hard during that run - I just kept the miles between 6:58 and 7:15 pace.

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday were all short(ish) trainer rides. Nothing special.

Wednesday was a fun day. That 1:30 workout in there is some hiking. We took a quick trip to Frontenac State Park, and the boys may have done the most hiking ever in a day (it was more than 90 minutes, but that's just how I recorded it). Here are a few pics:

On a raised path through some mud.

The boys LOVE "Sand Point" on Lake Pepin. We spent a LONG time out here.

Hiking down (like 400 vertical feet over about a 1/4 mile) past In Yan Teopa rock.

Selfie at the lake at the bottom.

We picnicked at the top overlooking Sand Point (the arrow in the distance).

For the week overall, I had 18.6 miles of running, a slightly lower-than-average time spent strength training, but 3 nice little rides on the trainer. Nothing fancy.


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