Long Run Post-Race (with Garmin Complaints)

>> Monday, October 26, 2020

A week ago was my first "real" long run after my 10 mile race early this month. That gave me 2 weeks of easier running post-race before any real effort. I went 10.11 miles in 1:09:23 (6:52 pace overall), and I ran the middle 5 a bit harder at 6:31 pace (with half mile splits of 3:15, 3:17, 3:26, 3:11, 3:14, 3:25, 3:13, 3:13, 3:12, and 3:05 to equal 32:36).

Here's my random route around my neighborhood in St. Paul:

The newer colored "pace" map that Garmin Connect shows always sucks for me. Blue is "slower," so this says I ran 85% of my run "slower." Uh... no. Slower than what? This map literally shows the ONLY "faster" area was down a slight hill around mile 3.5. And that straight stretch to the south was all part of my faster running, but it doesn't show at all. The colors are just not helpful.

Anyway, I was SUPER happy with my 6:31 pace for those "harder" miles, and my legs felt OK! This run was last Monday, and it was just before all that crappy snow came. :(


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