Training: Pre-Race and Post-Race

>> Saturday, October 10, 2020

Here's what the last 2 weeks of training looked like, with the virtual TC 10 Mile in the middle last weekend on the 4th:

I was hit by a car while biking on the 27th (the day before this calendar starts), so that 8+ mile run on the 28th was a (SUCCESSFUL) test. The rest of that week was just easier stuff. My bike was in the shop, so that short ride was just on my "commuter" bike just to warm up and then stretch. Saturday the 3rd was a pre-rest day, which was the first day with no strength work in about 2 months.

After the race, I was basically just watching a sore left glute/hip. (I'm still kinda watching it.) I took 2 days completely off, and then tried an easy run on the 7th. My hip got a bit sore, but then worked itself out. It felt fine during a spin on Thursday. And I barely felt it on my easy run on Friday. So that's all good!

I had 5 weeks in a row of 20+ miles of running that ended with the race - that week was nearly 28 miles because the race ended up being an "extra" run that week as I normally run ony M/W/F. This current week was only 9.3 miles, and that's fine by me! Taking it easy post-race. Next week won't be 20 either. After that, we'll see where those weekly numbers go...

I'm hoping to try more of a "moderate" long run on Monday. We'll see how the hip/butt holds up. Other than keeping an eye on that, everything is good since last week's race!


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