Instagrams of the Day: Bruise and Stitches Out!

>> Saturday, October 03, 2020

Here are 2 crash-related pics I recently shared on Instagram. On Thursday (5 days after being hit by a car on my bike), I posted this:

The bruises are pretty much done appearing from my bike crash. A small but deep and sore bruise showed up on my left quad, and this beauty has been forming on my right shoulder.

A college buddy commented "You’re beautiful on the inside and it’s finally coming out."

And then yesterday, I posted this:

Had a cute Doc make a house call to take out my stitches. I hope I can convince her to come back and spend the night. 😍😘❤️

My wife actually called herself out on this in a comment: "You forgot about the part where she got queasy after trying to separate the beard hair from the stitches for 10 minutes and had to go lay down and you had to finish taking them out yourself! (But we’ll go with your version 😘) *turns in healthcare provider card*"

She got tipsy in the bathroom and went to lay down. I ended up removing both of the stitches myself. Oh well. It seemed to heal up decently!

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