Trying Some Rest

>> Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Last Wednesday, I saw my PT for the first time in 2 weeks. The week before, I cancelled my appointment saying this:

I had told her that running was a bad idea from the start. And it got hurt on a run 2.5 weeks ago. So back to not running.

When I saw her last Wednesday, we agreed to try as close to TOTAL rest as I can do. So no swimming, biking, or running. (I hadn't been running or biking, but I cut out my 3x/week swims as well.) And no weight-bearing leg exercises. And I think (as she suggested) that stretching isn't helping and could be hurting, so I'm not doing any calf stretches either. I'm just doing some "gentle" foam rolling when I need it.

She asked what percentage better I was since I started seeing her a number of weeks back. I said "well, I AM a bit better... I'd say like 20%?" She smirked and said "Do you know what we call 20%? We chalk that up to the 'placebo effect.'" She's saying I haven't improved. And I think she's right.

Also, on Friday I got in with my old acupuncturist, Robert:

This wasn't a thing I initially thought acupuncture could help, but he relieved a lot of pain on Friday. I'm headed back again this week.

So as of right now, no swimming, light stretching, light rolling, off my feet whenever possible, out of my shoes whenever possible, doing "toe yoga" (more on that later) when I can, and icing that spot daily. We'll see if that yields any added results after 2 weeks.


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