>> Monday, December 16, 2019

I posted this recently on Instagram, because all the kids were doing it:


#10YearChallenge: my first 10 mile (2009 TC 10 in 1:02:42) and my most recent 10 mile (2019 Goldy’s Run in 1:02:03). A little bit beefier, but in the same shirt.

Pictured but not visible: a man scared to be a parent positive he’d have girls vs a boy dad who wouldn’t have it any other way.

I mean, the SAME shirt says something, right? If nothing else, it says that I'm cheap and just keep using what works. And that I most likely smell really bad in that shirt.

Also, it's great that I've aged 10 years and finished 39 seconds faster, but with all this experience, I would have hoped for more. I feel like I'm faster than that after all these races over the years. I went back and checked the results, and my most recent 10 mile was 72% age graded, and that first 10 mile of mine was 70% age graded. So I got a bit better with age.

At this rate, I'll be cracking in the 80% age graded results in my late 70s. :)

More on the "beefiness" (meaning more on recent weight lifting) tomorrow.


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