Training After Two Races

>> Tuesday, March 26, 2019

After a winter of no races (late October through mid February), I recently had 2 back-to-back race weekends: O'Gara's Irish Run 8K 2.5 weeks ago, and the Lake Johanna 4 Mile with the boys in the stroller 1.5 weeks ago. My training totals took a bit of a hit those 2 weeks as I was resting up pre- and post-race and nursing 2 slight injuries. But last week was decently strong again.

Here's what my weekly training totals look like since mid-December:

No bike miles, but all swim and run here.

There's a 2 week dip in mid-January when we were in Mexico, and then a 2 week dip recently around those 2 races. And only 2 weeks with less than 20 miles of running.

Here's total training TIME, which shows strength work (dark blue) and trainer time (red "sports" minutes):

That one shows the bigger dip over these last 2 recent races. And then is shows a LOT of strength work last week as it was my spring break and I got in over 7 hours last week! (Some good upper body, and some RENEWED vigor with my boring PT leg exercises as those help keep me injury-free.)

I'm THINKING about a 10 mile race shortly, and I'm REALLY trying to hit the trainer harder as I'm quite behind in my training for multi-sport season. Maybe this will be a bit more of a "run heavy" year? Too early to tell.

UPDATE: I had to go look 2 more months back. Here's weekly TIME from the start of September (so nearly 7 full months), and it shows dips in October for the TC 10 Mile and for the Halloween 10K, and then many solid weeks from the end of October through these 2 races earlier this month:


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