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>> Saturday, March 16, 2019

Well, the newly (and lightly) sprained ankle from a week ago at O'Gara's Irish Run 8K held up FINE for a hard 4 mile race with the stroller today!

I noted that I had Dr. Backus work on my ankle on Tuesday, and after he worked out my lower leg with his Graston tools, my leg felt 100% the rest of the week! Then the pain was just isolated to just below my left ankle bone, and only when I sat down funny to play with the boys, or sit to stretch and yank around on it. (That's where I figured the trauma took place, but I had pain up my leg for 3 days too.) It held up fine for 2 runs this past week (4 and 5 miles).

Then on Wednesday, I saw Robert for some acupuncture. I had the appointment set up for my lower back thinking it would be good to have it worked on the week between 2 races. I asked if he'd rather work on my ankle, and he said "Oh, I LOVE ankles! I find that ankles and wrists are areas that acupuncture can help where other methods have trouble getting in there." So I laid on my back and he put a bunch of needles in my legs and feet:

7 needles in this photo: 5 on the outside of my leg/foot,
1 on top between my toes, and 1 on the inside.

The ankle was JUST FINE on the pothole-laden course this morning. Dr. Backus was right: he said it should be getting back to normal soon. I feel like it will get back to 98% within this next week, but I'm curious how long it will take to get back to 100%. If ever.

Back with a race report shortly which includes me pushing the boys for the race.


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