Tomorrow: One Last Tri

>> Saturday, September 15, 2018

Well, I'm doing a triathlon tomorrow.

Just last night, I signed up for Tri Fitness's "One Last Tri" in White Bear Lake tomorrow. After my sacrum issue toned down, I had a decent long run last weekend of 9.5 miles. This weekend, I'll be skipping a long run and a long ride for the race. That's OK because I could use a "back off" week on my distance, and this is a good way to do that. (Also, I got in a nice mid-week 32 mile ride 3 days ago after my good 9.5 mile run last weekend along with some 5 mile intervals on the bike.)

Post-race, I'll still have 3 weeks left before the TC 10 Mile. That means one more SOLID long run (around 11 maybe?) in about a week, and maybe another long run just before the following weekend, with maybe 9-11 days of shorter runs pre-race. It should work out well. Key word: SHOULD.

My packet pickup this morning was at the same park where my wife was doing a 20 mile race (treated like a training run) with her running buddy Haley! Here they are SUPER SWEATY when it was already 90 degrees just after they finished:

Congrats ladies!

They did well in the heat! Then we took the boys to a fun little festival at nearby Merriam Park. We got home 2 hours ago, and the boys were HOT:

Praising the A/C on a 90+ degree day with LOTS of humidity!

Wish me luck tomorrow! Back with a race report Monday!


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