Long Run/Ride Weekend!

>> Monday, September 10, 2018

Well, what I said in my last post about pushing the DISTANCE in my workouts has held true these last few days.

On Saturday, I got up early to do a long run. I went over 9.5 miles, and felt like CRAP at first. (I think eating half of a meat-lovers pizza the night before had something to do with that.) When I started my 5 "harder" miles in the middle, I could only muster about 7:00 pace for the first 1.5 miles, and that's not good for me. But then I tried to consciously kick it into gear, and I ended up with a nice descend for those 5 miles. Here are my splits for the middle 5 miles of that 9.5 miler:

Half mile splits: 3:29, 3:26, 3:31, 3:13, 3:12, 3:11, 3:09, 3:07, 2:59, and 3:08

Mile splits of 6:55, 6:44, 6:23, 6:16, and 6:07

Those times aren't great, but they show a decent effort. I think I had worked out the pizza by the end of the run, because my "cool down" miles were faster (and felt better) than any of my "warm up" miles.

Then we went to "Farming of Yesteryear" which my in-laws are a big part of:

Charlie and littlest cousin Kipp.

Charlie helping Uncle Mike keep corn in the belt-driven sheller.

Horse-drawn plow demos.

All of Grandma Monica's littles.

Evie and Henry on a big ole' engine.

Some people can't handle Farming of Yesteryear.

Then on Sunday, I did my normal 3x5 mile intervals on the bike. I usually do them on a weekday morning when the trails are quiet, so I knew that the trails would be busier and I'd be working around more people. My interval splits were:

- 13:47 (21.7 mph)
- 14:00 (21.4 mph)
- 13:49 (21.7 mph)

Add in some warm up and a long cool down back home, and I logged over 29 miles on that ride. FINALLY a decent ride (my first in 3-4 weeks).

This morning, I even had a nice longer swim. It was 2250 of a ladder and some kick work. My ladder times were NICE because I was racing a guy in a lane next to me. He didn't know it though.


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