State Fair and Valleyfair

>> Saturday, September 01, 2018

The boys and I have been packing a lot into the last few days of summer. They spent 2 days at my Mom's on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, the 4 of us went to the State Fair. And on Thursday, the boys and I went to Valleyfair with some of my wife's family. Here are a few pics:

Loaded up for our bike ride to the fair! It's a short ride, and there's a free bike lot.

First stop: butterfly house. I have one on both index fingers.

Charlie getting brushed in the face, and his reaction a split-second later.

Big ass sunflowers.

These guys.

One of my "MUST DOs" is to get $0.25 honey sticks from the Horticulture Building.

First GIANT SLIDE ride! Mama and Henry on the left, with
Charlie on Mary Beth's lap (with Andrew too) on the right.

They loved it!

They wanted corn dogs. So we got them a 12" one to share. Henry was fine with it. Charlie... not so much.

Animals are always a hit.

We spent a lot of time in the pig barn.

After a 12 minute ride home. Pooped.

Then we had a trip to Valleyfair the next day. Bro-in-law Matt had gotten the kids tickets, and he came too, along with my Sis-in-law's family:

Fun times!

Matt and Henry are up there! He got lots of "fun uncle" points that day!

In line with Henry for High Roller.

Lunch out in the parking lot.

Uncle Matt going off with the big kids.

The little guys loved the dinos. (The big kids wouldn't have been that impressed.)

Pic by Steph of me and the fellas.

Wes was growling at the T-Rex, and it roared back! This is Steph pumping her fists to that reaction.

On the ferris wheel.

Guitar Hero!

On the ride home.

Henry got to ride all of the rollercoasters there, along with the extreme swing, the tall "northstar" swing, the upside down pirate ship, and some other rides. Big day!

Back with a training update soon. Happy weekend!


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