Jan-June Totals for 2017

>> Monday, July 24, 2017

Here are my training totals from the first 6 months of this year:

Swim: 73,890 yards
Bike: 890.37 miles
Run: 335.92 miles
Strength: 118 hours, 41 minutes
Bike Trainer: 5 hours, 9 minutes
Spinning Bike: 3 hours, 35 minutes
Aqua Jogging: 1 hour, 40 minutes

(If calling trainer/spinning time 19 mph, I'd have 165.9 more bike miles, or a total of 1,056.27 miles)

Here's how it looks graphed out by BeginnerTriathlete:

Swim, bike, and run miles, with trainer/spinning bike time added in red.

Swim, bike, run, strength, and sport (trainer, spinning, and/or aqua jogging) time by month.


My bike consistency is the biggest thing here! This is STELLAR for me. And June's 215 miles was my biggest bike month since Ironman training 10 years ago!

Oh, and speaking of bike PRs, a few days ago I cracked 1,000 outdoor miles for the year earlier than I've ever done that! In fact, many of the last few years I haven't hit 1,000 TOTAL by the END of the year.

Swim and run numbers are "what they can be," and I'm happy with that. I'd LOVE to be running more (April was nearly 80 miles, and I loved that), but I'm running "smart" and taking it easy if/when something is achy. And I'm swimming all I need to be without hurting my shoulder.

My strength time has been slowly decreasing since March, but that's pretty normal. I tend to do more strength work over the winter, and then back off a bit as outdoor mileage increases. It's still quite decent.

My knee started to hurt at the beginning of the year after an icy outdoor run. I started picking it back up in February a bit, and then started a stretch of 75 out of 78 days with a swim, bike, or run through my first duathlon of the year in late April.

So I'm in a good holding pattern right now! Hopefully, I'll continue to be smart, but I need to be slowly increasing my running mileage shortly to get ready for the TC 10 Mile in early October. I've only had 2 runs longer than 6 miles this month, and last month I hit 7.5 miles once. I'd like to work that up to around 11.5 miles by mid-September. It won't be my best TC 10, but I'd like to get some more miles under my legs and perform well. Happy training!


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