A Few Quick VEGAS Photos!

>> Saturday, July 01, 2017

My wife and I spent Monday through (early) Friday in Las Vegas! I'll have a lot of Vegas photos and photos from some adventure hikes that we went on shortly, but here are a few quick pics.

We both ran a few times while there, and here's my wife by the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign during one of her runs:

I, on the other hand, didn't make it quite that far down the Strip. So here I am
with the sign that points you to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. #winning

Also, my wife was super hot for the entire trip. Here's a bikini shot:

In the Elara pool.

In an awesome dress and shoes trying her luck on the penny slots. (She had none.)

Back with more from the trip soon! We saw some AMAZING sights on our hikes! In the meantime, find more of my hot wife and a few views from our trip on my Instagram: stevestenzel.


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