April Training

>> Saturday, May 13, 2017

April ended up being a GREAT all-around training month. And that led to 2 solid races the last 2 weekends. (Well, March was a great training month too, and most of the work for these races was done then.) Here's what last month looked like:

SWIM numbers were low, but consistent. I still can't swim more than 2x each week because of my shoulder, and it makes my forearm/elbow issue ache a bit too. I'm OK with that - I just know I won't be putting in any 25,000 yard months.

BIKE milage was great. Nearly 200 miles ALL outdoors on my tri bike in MN in April. Nice.

RUN milage was decent. I start to feel like I'm TRULY running when I can log around 80 miles/month. I'd LOVE to be more at 90-100, but again, to keep injuries in check, this is far enough right now.

(Speaking of "keeping injuries in check," I'm oddly proud that I did NOT crack 200 miles biking or 80 miles running last month. I knew exactly where I was at going into the Falls Duathlon on the 29th, which I knew would be my last bike and run of the month. I knew I could have warmed up or cooled down with more miles to crack 200 miles on the bike and and 80 miles on the run, but that's just a pointless number. I drove away from that race knowing I hadn't cracked those numbers, but proud that I didn't try to build meaningless milage that could get me hurt.)

Oh, and my last 2 weekends of racing have given me 4 rest days (before and after each race), but I kept a decent streak of training days going as I lead up to the Falls Duathlon 2 weeks ago. Last month, I mentioned a solid streak of swim/bike/run days in my training log. Well, if we end that on my last swim before the Falls Duathlon on April 27th, I had 75 out of 78 days with a swim, a bike, or a run stretching back to before Valentine's Day! Sweet. (But if you look at my last 16 days of training, I've only had 11 with a swim, bike, or run. Racing also requires rest!)


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