1 Mile Road Race TOMORROW

>> Saturday, July 15, 2017

It's time for another race in the USATF MN series: the Hopkins Raspberry Run 1 Mile.

I have done 0 specific training runs for this race. In fact, I don't think I've done any hard runs since Trinona Triathlon 5 weeks ago.

A photo of the start from the Raspberry Run website.

But let's not over-think this. It's simple: it's an all-out 1 mile. Here are my 2 predictions:

• Official "gun" time has a 90% chance of being over 5:00. The 10% chance of this being sub-5 is if I FINALLY line up close enough to the front like I should (I tried to at the Brian Kraft 5K 2 months ago but found myself too far back and stuck behind too many people) and/or if it's truly a "fast course" (almost all 1-mile road races have CLAIMED to be "fast").

• Unofficial "chip" time has a 50/50 shot of being sub-5:00. I've been running slower than ever in recent months, but my swimming and biking have been great, so that's led to some good multisport finishes. But to crank out sub-5:00 speed might be a bit much to ask. I REALLY HOPE I CAN, but I can't bet on it.

My last 1 mile was the Meet of the Miles 18 months ago where I ran my 2nd slowest 1 mile of 4:56.60. My slowest was my FIRST mile back in 2008 at a Charities Challenge race where I went 5:00.7. So I guess my goal for tomorrow is sub-5 and/or NOT a "personal worst."

Check "Steve in a Speedo" on Twitter for race updates! (The race is at noon on Sunday, FYI.) Back with a full race report as soon as possible. Happy weekend!


SteveQ 12:47 PM, July 16, 2017  

I'm in that 50 Years photo!

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