July 4th Fun, and More Camping

>> Saturday, July 08, 2017

Here are 20 pics of my family from the last week. First, a few from my wife's aunt's place where we went to celebrate the 4th (on the 2nd):

Charlie's smile is just "showing teeth." And my wife is a BABE!

Me and Henry tubing on Lake Minnetonka.

Charlie and I taking it a bit more easy. (But we picked it up decently after this!)

Evie and Henry (cousins) having a blast!

The kids played for a long time at the "relaxation station."

Then, on the 3rd (Monday), the boys and I headed 4 hours north to hang out with my Mother-in-Law and some of her family for the 4th of July. First, we stopped at Banning State Park to stretch our legs after 90 minutes:

Selfie on a hike.

Some rapids. The boys LOVED running on these flat rocks.

Another (bright) selfie.

10 minutes after hopping back in the car. I planned this stop to be a final
"get out your energy before the rest of the drive" break. I planned well.

Driving through the back roads of the Chippewa National Forest to get to our campsite.

Lake Winnie! (88 square miles!)

We got there in time for the pig races! L to R: my boys, my niece and nephew,
mother-in-law, and her parents (and Trixie their yippie dog).

Go pigs, go!

Ready for bed in our tent.

We got to bed about 90 minutes late because Henry got a bloody nose that lasted over an hour just before bed. He bled on his pillow, sleeping bag, and the tent door. Oh well.

The night started warm, but then I woke up at 3 a.m. and put on socks, a long sleeve shirt, and jeans. The boys stirred early, but I tucked them back in and they slept in:

Before 6 a.m.

Breakfast with the cousins in Grandma's cabin. Grandma and Henry are sharing goofy eyes.

Henry's first perch of the year!

Charlie dangling his toes as he fished.

Charlie's FIRST FISH EVER! Grandma was so excited! (Look at their faces in the upper left.)

This was 3 minutes after I told Henry he didn't have to take a nap.

Stopped at a historical site in Mille Lacs State Park on the way back to run around.

I didn't sunscreen my arms before fishing on the dock with the boys, and it showed. Oops.
(And yes, those MIGHT be "Elf" boxers. And that's not my Spiderman towel.)

Back with the rest of our Vegas photos (from our hikes in Zion National Park) shortly. (Here's the first set of photos from our Vegas trip.) Have a good weekend!!


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