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>> Thursday, June 22, 2017

Here's what the last 10 days of training have looked like (since the Trinona Triathlon on Sunday, June 11th):

The 2 things to note are (1) nearly 90 miles of biking in just over a week is SOLID for me, and (2) both of those swims were nice workouts. Here are some details:

• MON, 6/12: total rest. Nothing. No stretching even.

• TUES, 6/13: easy ride, and core. I "accidentally" kept a 21+ mph average through 15+ miles. Oops.

• WED, 6/14: nice ladder swim, and leg exercises.

• THURS, 6/15: easy run, and upper body. First run post-race. Legs felt good.

• FRI, 6/16: nothing. Headed out to WI to camp with family.

• SAT, 6/17: easy/moderate run. Woke up early while camping, so snuck out of the tent to run.

• SUN, 6/18: moderate long ride. Kept a 21.1 mph average over 30 miles. Then backed off for the final 5 miles as a bit of a cool down. Happy Father's Day!

• MON, 6/19: moderate long run, and core. 7.67 mile run that was ran (including 2+ mile easier cool down) at 6:50 pace. Solid. Nothing too crazy, but it felt nice.

• TUES, 6/20: 8x200 swim, and upper body. Averaged exactly 3:00/200 for this swim, with 20 seconds rest. I've sure done better, but still, it was decent.

• WED 6/21: all out "time trial" ride, and leg exercises. This ride was a good one! It was about a perfect morning to ride hard: cool, clear, and calm. I did my "go to" 15.x mile loop around St. Paul: from St. Thomas south along River Road, curving north on Shepard Road into downtown, up THEE Ramsey Hill, and down Summit back to home. By the time I climbed Ramsey with 4 miles to go, I had the fastest average I'd ever had (21.5 mph). And I knew I could raise that going down Summit. Here's a list of my former fastest average speed on that loop over the years (with links to blog posts about them):

- 20.2 mph in September of 2014 (first time breaking 20 mph!)
- 20.5 mph in July of 2015
- 20.6 mph in November of 2015
- [Injured for most of 2016, so no data]
- 21.1 mph in early April 2017
- 21.3 mph in late April 2017
- 21.4 mph in May 2017
- 21.9 mph yesterday!!

My constant climbing speed on this loop with NOT continue. But all my biking lately has really been showing in my training (and racing) numbers! Now, time for a stroller run with my boys. My left calf has been a bit tight lately, so I'm taking it easy on my run today...


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