MDRA Mississippi 10 Miler Photos

>> Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I guess it's "race photo week." Here are some photos of my wife doing the MDRA Mississippi 10 Miler from last month. First a few from race buddy Tom (who was the lead biker, but a friend had his camera):

At the start. There's my wife in pink, and her friend Megan next to her in the pink hat.

In the background on the right, heading down Shepard Road. (Mile 4ish?)

Megan and my wife!

Nearing the finish. Nice work, ladies!

Wayne Kryduba was out there to take photos too. He showed up where we were cheering near the top of Hidden Falls, and I stepped back to let him do his thing. He ended up getting a lot of photos of people smiling while getting high-fives from my boys. We'll get there in a second, but first here are 2 from earlier in the race:

Running among the cottonwood fluff in Crosby Farm.

Running up to the Crosby Farm lot by 35E.

High-fives from my boys near Hidden Falls!

Who's that in pink back there?!?

It's Megan and Mama!

Mama excited after high-fives.

Running off to the turn-around (that's my wife in pink on the left).

More high-fives as we waited for Mama and Megan to come back from the turn-around.

Back again! I love my wife's smile.

Calling out to her boys!

A smooch before running off.

She really like that race. It's a typically inexpensive MDRA race, and it had a beautiful looping route through Crosby Farm and along River Road. If I have the mileage under my legs next year, I'd love to race this one!

Click here for my photos of the boys cheering at this race from last month.


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