Instagram of the Day: 1000 Stroller Miles (and an injury)

>> Saturday, June 24, 2017

I posted this on Instagram on Thursday:

Caption: On my stroller run with the boys this morning, I realized I was probably close to
1,000 "stroller miles." I looked it up when we got home: I've logged 1,021 miles
of running with the single or double stroller (that's over 22% of all running miles
since Henry was born). Hit 1,000 on a run with both boys last month when Henry had
a Friday off. #DoubleChariot #StrollerRun #DadBod #DadLife #Running

It just felt nice that I hit 1,000 last month with BOTH boys. And when I thought about it for another moment, I realized I had Instagrammed THAT run too! (Without knowing we had just hit 1,000 "stroller miles.") It was very appropriate that we hit 4-digits and then had pizza while hanging out all day:

Caption: Henry has the day off from school (and I swear I never got as many
Fridays off as he's gotten so far!), so we all first went on a 7.5 mile run,
then to Cossetta's for pizza, then took selfies at the Science Museum.

On a different note, I'm currently taking a few days off from running. The very upper part of my left calf (practically behind my knee) started feeling a LITTLE tight during my swim on Tuesday, and then felt pretty tight on my hard PR ride on Wednesday. It was nasty the rest of that day, so I tried to stretch and foam roll a few times. It actually felt FINE on my stroller run noted above on Thursday, but as soon as I stopped running to walk, it felt tight again. I saw my chiropractor who did an adjustment on my back, as well as some A.R.T. on my calf and Graston Technique over the sore area. It was tender all that night (Thurs), and through Friday morning. I had a moderate swim on Friday, and then iced it. Then I iced it again a few hours later, and again that night. It's definitely getting better (it's good enough right now that if I'm nothing thinking about it, I forgot that it's an issue). But I'm trying to keep it loose, and not "upset" it. I may try running again mid-next week (which would be 4-5 days off from running). We'll see how an easy ride feels later today.


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