Stringing Together Some Weeks of Training!

>> Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Here's what my training log looks like for the last 10 weeks. (I took screenshots, pasted them all together, and added the months and some blue stars [to indicate dates where I did NOT have swim, bike, or a run].)

So in early February, I took some time off from swimming, biking, and running at Dr. Folske's request. Then on Feb 10, he told me my knee NEEDED activity to get my quad "firing" the way it should be. And that helped get things better. (My knee and quad still are NOT 100%, but they are good enough.)

NOTICE THE LAST 8 WEEKS OF THAT 10 WEEK CALENDAR: I've only had 3 days (noted with the blue stars) where I have NOT had a swim, bike, or run over the last 57 days!

Most weeks consist of 3 runs, 2 swims, and 2 bike rides. I eased back a bit at the beginning of March (where 2 blue stars are) because of some pain, and 2 of my trainer rides in there were real short - just to "get the blood flowing" on 3/4 and 3/12. And then this past Saturday, we were visiting some family in southern Minnesota, and I just used that as a rest day (my only true rest day with no swim, bike, run, or strength work in this entire 10 week calendar!).

I "raced" O'Garas Irish Run on 3/25, so because of that, I skipped a bike ride but added in another swim that week (on the 3/26).

Except for these few anomalies, it's been some SOLID weeks of training!! The first duathlon of 2017 is just 2.5 weeks away!


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