Volunteering at the Last Indoor Tri of the Season

>> Monday, April 10, 2017

Yesterday, I really wanted to sleep in. We had a big Friday and Saturday visiting family in Southern Minnesota. But then Sunday morning, I got up and biked to the Midtown YWCA to volunteer at the last Indoor Triathlon before we start doing things OUTSIDE here in MN. Here are 8 pics:

Race director Nicole didn't mind my rubber gloved hand around her. I think.
(I helped make sure trash, recycling, and compostables went in the right spot, hence the glove.)

More than one person was disappointed that I didn't wear anything flashy/skimpy.

A swim wave ready to go. Kym (across the pool) has a little Captain in her.

Swimmers swimming.

Selfie with Kym.

Friends spinning!

More friends spinning!

Then I left for a 33 mile ride after I got done helping at the race. And TWO BLOCKS
into my ride, a wasp stung me an inch from my eye. F*ckin' nature.

That photo was 3 minutes after being stung, and my eye's all ready and watery. D'oh. I survived the ride just fine after that though.

Sidetone: that ride put me over 500 miles for the year! I've logged 336.93 miles outside on my tri bike, and an estimated 165.93 "miles" on the trainer calculated at a 19 mph average (my average outside this year is 19.5 mph, so my trainer miles is conservative). That's 502.86 miles total. Nice. (For me.)


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