Comparing Jan-March Over the Last 8 Years

>> Saturday, April 08, 2017

This is nerdy. Deal with it.

I've been pretty happy with my training so far this year. My running mileage is a bit low because I had to take some time off (and I'm still taking it easy) because of my quad/knee. My swimming is about all it can be because too much more will hurt my shoulder. And my biking has been pretty great. I've been out a lot on my tri bike.

I took my monthly totals from Jan-March from the last 8 years (since I've been keeping track on and laid them out on the same scale, with PURPLE=swim, GREEN=bike, YELLOW=run, and RED=trainer:

The last 8 years of Jan-March training squished/stretched to be on the same scale.

All in 1 line to see the peaks and valleys better.


- It doesn't show trainer time on these graphs, so I added that in in red. I could easily find my 3-month total for each year, and then I just divided that equally between the 3 months just as a representation of how much trainer time I'd put in. (To figure my trainer "distance," I averaged 19 mph for the graphs.) So for each year, it's not REALLY that even for those 3 months, but those 3 months equal the total that I covered over that timeframe. (2017 example: 8 hrs 44 mins of trainer time = 165 "miles" ridden. 165 / 3 = an average of 55 miles on the trainer each month for Jan, Feb, and March of this year.)

- Henry was born in 2011, so 2012 is a dip (but I was running [with him] more - note the yellow in 2012).

- 2015 was a good year of racing, and it's first 3 months show why: solid all-around numbers (for me).

- I wasn't swimming in 2016, but my biking/trainer and running totals were VERY high. (Biking less than this year, but running a LOT more.) That's why I was super excited for duathlon season last year, but then super bummed when I got injured in April.

THREE WEEKS until the Falls Duathlon! I'm already giddy!


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