Instagram of the Day: Testing the Wheels

>> Wednesday, April 19, 2017

On Sunday evening, I Instagrammed this photo:

Caption: “Put my race wheels on for the first time since getting them
from The Racery 18 months ago. They were... fast.
#GreenwayTrail #Flat #ButWithTheWind #RacingInTwoWeeks #CannonFallsDu
#FirstMultisportRaceInTwoYears #InjuredLastYear #StupidExcited”

The wheels were fast, but not FAST fast. Honestly, I was kinda hoping for more. But if it’s not too windy, I’m excited to try them in a race in 1.5 weeks at the Cannon Falls Duathlon.

As I crossed the Lake/Marshall Bridge from St. Paul to Minneapolis, there was a pretty strong headwind that came a little from the right as well. It bucked me around pretty good, and really slowed me up at the bottom of that hill just before the bridge. It was good practice to see what happens to the wheels in a strong wind because Cannon is out in the open and can be windy.

Hoping that I'll have a fast race next weekend based on lots of weeks of decent training, a running interval PR, and this new bike with race wheels. Stay tuned!


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