Three Weeks of Workouts (and weekend debauchery)

>> Monday, August 29, 2016

My last 3 weeks of workouts show a slow improvement:

SWIM: I'm slowly working back into it after a shoulder impingement in July ("swimmer's shoulder). These 3 short weekend swims have all been a little freestyle, some kick drills, and a little more freestyle (basically to keep from doing too much shoulder work straight through). The shoulder's not 100%, but it's getting better. I'm still doing some PT exercises for it too.

BIKE: Both of the days with bike rides were hauling my boys with my mountain bike. The first was when we went to cheer on Mama at the Women's Tri, and the 2nd was just lots of riding last week as mentioned in Saturday's post. I'm finally able to CONSIDER getting on my tri bike again - it'd be the first time since April. (The theory a few months ago was that being sharply bent over wouldn't be good for my back issue that was sending pain down my leg. But now that we think it MAY not be a back issue, it's still not great to be "pulling up" while being clipped in. That strain is what's causing my lower leg to hurt.)

RUN: I'm doing my "prescribed" slow build. The first week on that calendar above was 5x(4 min running, 1 min walking). The 2nd week was easy 25 minute runs. And last week was easy 30 minute runs. On Wednesday, I'll start a week of easy 35 minute runs.

STRENGTH: I'm doing lots of good core, some decent upper body, and lots of little, random PT moves for all the parts of me that are broken.

Oh, and you can see that I did nothing on Saturday. That's because I spent a total of 7 hours in a car hanging out with some boys for a bachelor party. Remember my sister-in-law Annie and her fiancé Matt from the Duathlon National Championships at Harriet Island last year:

Well, they're getting married in a few months, so I spent Saturday with some my bro-in-laws and their cousins. I Instagrammed this after we got off the Kickapoo River:

"Spent 5-6 hours on a river in WI with these guys today. Happy bachelor party Matt!"

Here are a few more pics of the bachelor party on the water:

The whole gang. Heads (l-to-r): Justin (Matt's bro-in-law), bro-in-law Jon,
bro-in-law "Old" Matt, bro-in-law Mike, cousin Ben, cousin Andy, and "New" Matt.

Ben was the bravest (in the cold, COLD water).

Brotherly love.

Yeah, that's me in my Tutti Fruiti shorts and the
man-of-the-hour riding an inflatable sheep down the river.

Me driving all the drunks back home. I didn't get too crazy
with my 2 cans of Coke Zero and bottle of diet root beer.


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