Foot Issues? PT Says to Keep Running (For Now)...

>> Wednesday, August 03, 2016

So in my last post where I noted having finished 6 runs recently, I noted some pain on the bottom of my left foot. Well, it's not going away. It's not bad, and running doesn't SEEM to aggravate it now (but remember, I'm only running 3 minutes at a time with 2 minute walking breaks for a total of 15 minutes of running). I had some acupuncture last night, and Robert addressed that area a bit:

20+ needles in me: a few in my lower back, in my arms, and some in my left shoulder.

I Instagrammed this earlier today. That one needle in the bottom of my foot is right where the pain is.

Robert warned me that the needle in the bottom of my foot would hurt going in. He had me do a bit of a breathing exercise to get me ready for it. It wasn't horrible, and then it was fine as it sat there for 30 minutes. The pain was a lot better last night, but is back today.

I had a PT appointment this morning. We're done meeting now unless anything "new" arises. She's a bit worried (as am I) about this new foot issue, but she noted that my return to running has been "TEXTBOOK" and that it's not because I just suddenly bumped my mileage up too fast or something dumb like that. So I'm supposed to try another week of running and see how I feel. If the pain starts to get worse when running, then we can reevaluate. (A meeting with my Doc and an x-ray to confirm any bone issues would be the next step.) But we're hoping it just goes away.

As it stands now, I'm still running! Back to my 5x(3 min running, 2 min walking) workout on Friday!


Jackie 9:39 AM, August 04, 2016  

Maybe you need some new running shoes.

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