At the Doc's Yesterday

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I posted this pic yesterday:

And here was my caption:

MRI time. Looking for answers regarding my elbow. In daily pain since May (constant pain when doing anything). Haven't lifted weights since June, stopped swimming over 3 months ago. Can't properly play with Henry and Charlie. Can't cut a pancake with a fork without wincing. Beyond frustrated.

We'll see what the doc says after the MRI has been looked over. It hurts to shift my car. It hurts to do ANYTHING with Charlie. I've learned to rotate my arm a little to make it hurt less, but I still try not to carry him (or anything) in my right arm. I've tried acupuncture, graston technique, A.R.T., and 5 months of P.T. exercises, and nothing is working. I'm so ready to be done with this. I told my wife last night that we might as well amputate, and I really wasn't joking.

My upper body muscles are growing smaller and smaller. When I put on a nice, dressy, fitted t-shirt in September (3 months after stopping lifting weights) once class started up, I realized how much I'd lost - it fit totally different. And it's only gotten worse in the 2+ months since then. When I do lower back exercises at the gym, my "gym shirt" now creeps farther and farther up my back/neck because my back has narrowed since I've had to stop lifting and I don't have the same "girth" to my muscle to hold that shirt in place. D'oh.

I'll update you all when I hear back from the Doc regarding my MRI. I'm hoping there's a plan of action other than "let's just keep resting."


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