Quarterly Fitness Report: 3 Month Totals

>> Monday, July 06, 2015

Here's what my April, May, and June training numbers look like:

SWIM: 45,226 yards
BIKE: 427.53 miles (25.33 of that hauling the boys)
BIKE TRAINER: 10 hours 31.5 minutes (most workouts between 40 and 70 minutes)
RUN: 170.13 miles (7.05 of that w/Charlie, 4.02 w/Henry, and 24.62 of that w/both boys)
STRENGTH: 31 hours 58 minutes

Weekly swim, bike, and run distances from Apr-June.
The dip of 5/18 was when we were gone for 3 days for a wedding.

Weekly swim, bike, and run times from Apr-June.
"Sports" is time on the bike trainer.

(I need to preface everything below with the thought that these remarks are coming from MY norm. Most people who finish races around me bike (and run) a fair amount more than I do. So if something is "high" or "low," that's just based on what I usually do, and not on the general public.)

Thoughts on those numbers:

- DECENT SWIM NUMBERS, AND BIG BIKE NUMBERS! The first 3 months of 2015 were my biggest swimming quarter ever at 60K, but then it took a little dive because I started using my time to bike more. So I'm totally OK with that. (Note my 6,930 yards in the 2nd-to-last week of last month - at quick check, that's my 2nd highest weekly total in the last 6 years. That's a lot for a non-swimmer like me.) And regarding my biking: if you average my trainer time to be 18 mph, then that's another nearly 190 miles of riding, for 617 miles over the last 3 months. I've had 2 YEARS recently with less milage than that. Yes, really.

- MY RUN MILEAGE IS DROPPING, AND I WANT TO TURN THAT AROUND. I raced a lot last month, so that meant more hard miles with less miles overall. I want to make sure I'm getting in the distance. I didn't even hit 40 miles last month! My running miles on the "distance" chart above are pathetic. I can't let that drop too much. Also, I've been running a lot more easier runs than ever before, but I'm OK with that.

- STRENGTH TIME IS DROPPING TOO. But again, that's PARTLY because I've been devoting more time to biking and swimming lately. But still, I can't forget about my leg exercises to keep my butt strong, and I need to keep working my core. Also, I haven't done any upper body work for over 3 weeks because of my elbow. More on that in an upcoming post sometime.

Just for the heck of it, here's what the first 6 months of training in 2015 looks like in terms of swim, bike, and run distance each month (trainer time isn't figured in here):

Overall, that looks like a nice gentle upward trend! But when you look at the TIME that I've spent training in the last 6 months, you can see a drop in June:

The drop is mainly due to racing 3 multi-sport races in June and needing time to recover. (And less strength work as I mentioned before due to my elbow issues.)

So far this year, I've covered over 105,000 yards in the pool, so I'm well on track for my biggest year ever. I don't want to officially make 200,000 yards a goal, but I know I'll be keeping that in my back of my mind. I'm also just shy of 500 outdoor miles on the bike. Maybe shoot for 1000? (Historically, I have my bigger biking months coming up.) And my running milage is low at 355 miles. No big distance goal there - just stay healthy (or not TOO injured).

p.s. People often ask, so I'll mention it here: those graphs are from my online training log at BeginnerTriathlete.com.

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