Thirsty (for knowledge) Thursday: When Do People Run

>> Thursday, August 28, 2014

File this under "I" for "Interesting... but who really cares."

Runner's World posted some info on what times of day people tend to do their running in 30 different countries. Here's what they found, and some of the explanation of the "peaks" is interesting:

Worldwide, 18% of all recorded runs take place between 6 and 9 a.m. compared with nearly 32% between 5 and 8 p.m. during weekdays.

And here are 2 overlays of when those 30 countries run on the WEEKDAYS vs WEEKENDS:



People don't seem to like to get up on weekday mornings to run, but they really like to get an early start on the weekend. On the weekend, 32% of runs happen between 8 and 11 a.m., while just 12 percent of runs are logged between 5 and 8 p.m.

Interesting? Maybe. Helpful? Probably not. But it's just oddly comforting to know that I'm out there hitting the pavement at the same time as someone else half-way around the globe.

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