Running Drawing

>> Thursday, August 07, 2014

Running AND penises?!? Those are like the 2 best things ever. They are combined by runner Claire Wyckoff on Running Drawing where she runs routes that look like this:

"Today’s run was hard."

"Oops. Ran another D. This one’s Gandalf cause it’s long and hooded."

"There have been a bunch of requests for more penis, so this is for the fans.
You guys are like jockstraps: mostly white and really supportive."

She doesn't always run penis-shaped runs. Here are a few others:

"Hey guys ran an alien from the 1978 Atari game Space Invaders."

"My sister asked me to run-draw her name, but we did her one better:
we ran a stripper on a pole." Bonus points for using Sunset Strip as the stripper's pole.

Thanks to my wife's teammate TriSaraTops for alerting me to this website. She said "You post port-o-potty selfies and talk about your bits being frozen off! LOL! Of course I think of you when I see these things!" She's got me pegged.


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