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>> Monday, August 11, 2014

You know who Dick and Rick Hoyt are. Dick swims, bikes, and runs with his son Rick, who can't walk or talk. If you don't know who they are, here's a video with an overview:

Direct link:

And then there's this video that always makes me cry a little. This one shows Dick and Rick competing in the Ironman World Championship in Kona:

Direct link:

No... really... I'm just trying to get this eyelash out of my eye... really.

Anyway, last month, an 8-year-old raced a kids triathlon with his 6-year-old brother. Lucas (the 6-year-old) was born with lissencephaly, a brain disorder. He's confined to a wheelchair. His older brother Noah heard about the triathlon, and told his parents he was going to do it with his brother. He started training the next day.

Here are some photos from the triathlon (and from another road race) that was a 200 meter swim, 3 mile bike, and 1 mile run:

I hope to grow up to be one-tenth the man that Noah is, and one one-hundreth the father that Dick is. More on Noah and Lucas on this NBC site and on the Huffington Post.

Training updates tomorrow. Check out some running pics with Charlie in my last post.


Unknown 7:47 AM, August 11, 2014  

That's really touching! So young and yet so selfless already

One Crazy Penguin 9:12 AM, August 11, 2014  

Thanks for making me cry at work. Really.

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