Final Trinona TT Photos and Final Race Thoughts

>> Saturday, June 21, 2014

Here are 9 photos that appeared on the Trinona Facebook page from the Time Trial 2 weeks ago:

Me kicking things off as the first rider (I shared this one in my race report).

The 2 rabbits (Andrew and Dave) starting 2nd side-by-side.
It looks like Dave had some trouble with his "big boy pedals" and lost some time right away.

Part-way through the TT start - that's teammate Jenn about to hit the mat!

Andrew climbing.

More climbing.

Rival Dave about to hit the finish. This photo makes it look like he wasn't going fast.
Because he wasn't. I can't blame the photo.

I shared this before too: Dave chucking my "goodie bag" at me
that I got for beating him during the awards.

The top 3 ladies with their engraved cowbells. Jenn was the winner!

And I had 3 things I forgot to mention in my race report:

Before the Time Trial, I purposely did NOT look at my race report from last year because I didn't want to ever think anything like "oh, I'm doing XX better than last year at this point!" I knew it was all about trying to beat the race founder Dave this year. But looking back to one thing from last year could have helped: I noted in last year's race report that I just had a tune up on my bike, and something got screwed up with my shifters. I hit the hill and said "I couldn't shift into my 'granny gear!' I was one gear up from granny the entire time!" I rode up the hill "comfortably" (quote unquote) this year in my granny gear. Maybe I could have been a bit faster had I shifted one gear and hammered a BIT more. Maybe. (If you want some numbers, my Garmin showed me that for the first mile up the hill, I held an 8.2 mph average. That's a 7:19 mile. Every half marathon I've ran has been faster than that. My fastest speed at the TT was 29.3 mph and my slowest was 6.5 mph.)

The TT shirts are awesome. The design is cool and they're the cozy American Apparel 50/50 shirts:

Next year? Yeah, I'm taking Dave down again next year. Super serious training starts now. Step #1: no more body hair to create any drag.

(No, that's not me. Yes, it's a woman. But our physiques are oddly similar. So just go with it.)

See you at the top of the hill, Dave. I'll be the hairless one waiting for you.


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