Trinona Time Trial Showdown TONIGHT!!

>> Saturday, June 07, 2014

Tonight's the night. The Trinona Triathlon race director challenged me to a race in the Trinona Time Trial.

Former-worst-enemy and current-best-friend pro-triathlete Devon Palmer chimed in recently on his blog:

Finally, my Best Friend Forever For Now Steve Stenzel is having a showdown at the Trinona Time Trial on Saturday. He was called out by Dave Schutz who founded Trinona. Dave has a real bad attitude and has said some real mean things to Steve about the race. I can’t believe bullying like this still happens in this day and age. Steve is such a great lil fella and Dave is being such jerk. Sports should be about camaraderie and competition and respect. Steve and I have always believed this. Dave is bringing trash talk and drama and salty language into our sport and these things just don’t belong. Far be it from me to speak ill of anyone, even a potty-mouthed slowpoke punk like Dave. Anyways, lets all root for Steve to win the challenge and prove that nice lil guys can sometimes do well at sports. I am prepared to present the winner of the challenge between Steve and Dave a bag of Breakaway Blend. I am also prepared to present the loser a bag of Twin Cities Blend to smooth out any hurt feelings.

"Breakaway Blend" and "Twin Cities Blend" are kinds of Peace Coffee - Devon just grabbed them as a new sponsor. So Devon dropped off some coffee for us. Here was our text messages back-and-forth before he stopped by:

Devon's always liked my boobs.

Last night, I found this on my front steps:

Thanks Buddy!

Well, it's game time. I'm ready for anything because I feel like Dave could change the rules at any time. Rumor has it that he's going to be starting side-by-side with one of the sponsors from Dahl Toyota. I'm sure noooo illegal drafting will take place if that happens. Nope. An unscrupulous race director and a car salesmen - just a TON of morals there. Check back to see how the TT goes - race report soon! And shortly after that will be my race report for the Trinona Triathlon relay! Happy weekend!


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